My new story (JJLS) prt 9

Hey!there ya go part 9 and part 10 should be up tomorrow if i get 3 comments


Chapter 1

The time that u danced with me....

I turned over and looked at the clock, it was only 4:30am. Would he be awake I wondered! I sat up and turned on the light and looked around my beautiful room I hadn't had time to really look around, I had just gone straight to bed when we got here as I really jet lagged. I turned on my phone and contemplated on wether or not I should call him, I really wanted to hear his voice. I decided to call him. As I dialed his number my phone started to ring, It was him. I smiled and answerd.

"Hi did I wake you" he sounded half asleep.
"No, I was just about to call you. I cant stop thinking about you Joe"
"I know baby I cant stop thinking about me either, aren't I addictive" He said cheeky like.
I giggled " No your self obsessed that's what you are"
"Ha ha very funny" he yawned, we were in total silence for a few momets, I could here him breathing,it was so relaxing.
"Hey Dee" He finally spoke
"Hmm" I answered dazily. I was feeling sleepy again.
"Do you wanna do something" he asked
I looked at the clock again "Joe it's 4:35am"
"I know, but I wanna see you, I hate being here alone without you" He sighed
"Well think of it this way, after this you wont ever have to sleep alone again"
"or not sleep" I added.
He chuckled "Can't wait "
I giggled "Ok what do you want to do"
"Meet me at the front enterence in 20 minutes"
"ok see yo in 20, I love you" I yawned.
"I love you too" he hung up.
I couldn't stop smiling as I threw back the covers, and got out of bed. I threw on a air of Joe's sweats that I usually sleep in, a pair of sneakers and a hoodie that was also Joe's over my tank top. I walked out the door and got in the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor. I ve been with Joe for nearly a year snd I still get nervous whenever I see him. I walked to the bak enterence and saw him in a pair of sweats and a hoodie leaning against the wall. He had his hands in his hoodie pockets. He saw me and smiled. I walked toward him, he held out his arms and Iwalked into them, he wrapped his arms around me. I breathed in his amazing scent, he pulled back and kissed my lips, soft at first nd deepened it. After a few moments he pulled away"Come with me" He opened me the door and pulled me out. He took me to the hill that over looks the lake and we watched the sunrise
He held me in his arms as we sat on the ground, he kissed my head and spoke
"Dee There is something I need to tell you, It's important and you might get upset, but just know that I love you, I kind of envited someoe without telling you"


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