Just A Dream......(A Cedric Diggory Love Story)

Name: Chloe (Chlo) Granger
Year: 4th
House: Gryffindor
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: Long Curly Black
Height: 5'3
Skin Tone: Pale
Body: Hour Glass
Personality: Fun Loving Girl. She Is Brave Smart and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is loyal friend and protects the one she loves.
Bio: She is muggle born. Her cousin is Hermione. Her dad is a cop, while her mom is a house wife.
Best Friends: Hermione Harry Ron Seamus Oliver and Neville

Chapter 1

This Is Going To Be A Long Year

My summer was great! I spent most of it with my magnificent boyfriend Cedric. We'll be going to two years in a week. He may be older than me, but we really don't mind. Love has no age. I was already in the train compartment with Neville and Seamus. They were telling me about their summer. "So how was your summer Chloe?,"asked Neville still laughing from what Seamus told us."Yeah did you spent most of your time with Cedric or what?,"asked Seamus raising his eyebrows. "Oh shut up Seamus,"I said punching him playfully,"and if you must know, yes I did spent most of my time with Cedric.""Well ofcourse she did, whenever she wrote back Cedric sent me greetings,"said Hermione entering our compartment with Harry and Ron. "Harry! Ron! Hermione!,"I exclaimed as I hugged each of them. They laughed and hugged me back."Speaking of Cedric, where is he?,"asked Ron.
"Umm...he must be with his friends, we are not always together you know,"I said sitting back down while they put their trunk away."Sure,"said Seamus sarcastically while rolling his eyes.We talked and talked until Hermione said it was time for us to change. "Sure go right ahead, change all you want,"said Seaumus giving us a smirk.
"You better not be talking about my girl,"said Cedric from the door. He looked at me and smiled taking my breath away. I walked over to him and gave him a quick kiss."Oh get a room you two,"said Harry a bit annoyed."What? Is Potter jelouse?,"asked Cedric joking around while hugging me."Oh believe me, he is,"said Ron without thinking, like always.Harry had a secret crush on me, but he didn't know that I knew. Ron told me, with that big mouth of him that can't keep a secret. Harry gave Ron a look that meant Ron did it again."What is that suppose to mean?,"asked Cedric while his eyebrows came together."Nothing you know Ron, always saying unimportant things,"I said while Ron face just got redder by the moment.
I saw Cedric wasn't gonna let it go and was gonna ask me about it later. Thanks to Ron, again, Harry's in trouble."Me and Hermione were about to change, if you want you can hang out with the guys,"I told Cedric with a smile. "No its okay, I'll go with my friends and wait for you when we get down from the train,"he replied talking to me but looking at Harry.Stupid Ron! Always causing trouble! "Sure,"I said. "Bye,"he said giving me a quick peck and walking away. "Okay let's go change,"said Hermione dragging me away. We quickly change and started to walk back to our compartment. "Do you think Ron got you and Harry in trouble with Cedric?,"asked Hermione. "He might as well giving me to you-know-who himself,"I said rolling me eyes. "That bad?,"she asked."Yeah, Cedric is the jelouse type,"I explained.
She simply nodded and enter the compartment. When I entered I noticed Ron rubing his arm. "What happened to you?,"I asked. "Nothing,"he grumbled. "Harry punched him repeatedly,"said Neville. I looked at Harry who was just staring out the window. I rolled my eyes and sat down next to Neville and Seamus. We all kept talking, except Harry. From the conner of me eye I saw him loking at me from time to time. The train soon came to a complet stop. "Well, see you guys at the table,"I said as I got my trunk. I walked off the train and looked for Cedric but couldn't find him. Where is he? I stood there waiting for him. I got tired and put my trunk down. Suddenly someone came from behind and wrapped their arms around me and started spinning me around. I started to laugh and so did he."Cedric put me down,"I said through my laughs. "Not until you say who's the best boyfriend in this whole entire world,"he said. "A little cocky are we?,"I asked still laughing. "Say it or I wil start tickling you!,"he said while trying to tickle me. "No! No!....Cedric is the best boyfriend in this world,"I said. He finally put me down, and I stopped laughing. Not because he put me down, but because Harry saw and heard us. He was getting of the train just when I told Cedric he was the best boyfriend. He looked at me, with pain in his eyes. Cedric must of noticed. "What the deal with this Potter boy?,"he asked wrapping his arms around me while he stared at Harry and Harry stared at him. "Nothing, Harry is just a friend,"I replied looking from Harry to him.
"Then why did Weasley said what he said?,"he asked still glaring at Harry.
I put my hands on both sides of his face and made him look at me. "Because Harry may have a little crush on me,"I said. "Well he better not try anything,"he said getting a bit mad. "Don't worry he won't, and even if he did, it wouldn't work. My heart only belongs to you,"I told him. He smiled down at me and gave me a peck on my cheeck. "Come on..we don't want to miss the boats,"he said carrying his trunk and mine. We started walking and Harry Ron and Hermione catched up to us. "Hey Chlo.....hey Cedric,"said Hermione as they walk up to us. "Hey,"we bot replied.
I could feel some tension building between Cedric and Harry. This won't be good.
"So how was your summer?,"asked Hermione. "It was great. I spent most of my time at Cedric house, I even slept over for the last month,"I said.
"Wait...your dad let you?,"she asked shocked. My dad was one of those overly protective fathers. "Ummm.....not exactly. He didn't know, he thought I was staying with......you. don't get mad at me, my mom told me to tell him that I was staying with you so I can spend more time with Cedric,"I told her while Cedric had a slight smile . I knew I should of told her sooner, but I forgot. "How? If I was at the Weasley's for the past month....and your parents and my parents spent time together,"said Hermione. "Yeah well my mom told your mom to help her and she agreed. Then your mom got your dad to help them,"I told her. Hermione simply shook her head. "So you spent a whole month with....him?,"asked Harry pointing at Cedric. Cedric just glared at him. "Yes and it was the best month ever,"I replied looking at Cedric. After that nobody spoke, we all stayed quiet. We left our trunks with the rest and went towards the boat. "Seven people per boat,"said Proffesor Snape. Me, Cedric, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Seamus got in one. I sat down next to Cedric and Seamus sat next to me followed by Neville. Harry sat straight across from us with Hermione and Ron. I rested my head on Cedric's shoulder, while he hugged me from my waist. He picked up my head and smiled down at me. "I love you,"he said to me. "I love you,"I replied smiling. He leaned in and we started to kiss which pretty soon turn into a make out session. "Hey look at Chlo and Cedric,"I heard Seamus say. He then started talking with the rest, but I paid no attention. "Do it!,"I heard Harry exclaim. Next thing I knew ime and Cedric were cover in ice cold water. We looked up to see Hermione, Neville, and Ron laughing, while Seamus and Harry were acting innocently. "What the heck!,"said Cedric hugging me because I was shivering. "What?,"asked Seamus laughing. "Oh so you think this is funny, huh?,"asked Cedric. Seamus smiply nodded. Cedric then threw him water. "Is it funny now?,"he asked. "Okay, stop before we end up all wet,"said Hermione. The rest of the ride was quiet. We got down and went in the castle. When we entered the Great Hall Cedric gave me a short kiss and went to seat with his friends. I sat in the middle of Neville and Ron. "So what else did you do during your summer?,"Harry asked me, but I didn't repound. I was still mad at him and Seamus. "Hey Harry asked you a question,"said Seamus, but I stayed quiet. "She's mad at you guys,"said Ron. Seamus and Harry just looked at me. "Chlo are you mad at me?,"asked Harry taking my hand. I just glared at him and took my hand away from him. "Yeah she's mad at us,"said Seamus. "She has every right to be,"said Hermione. "Chloe I'm sorry,"said Seamus. "Really?,"I asked. He simply nodded. "Well go and apologize to Cedric,"I said. "And if I do will you forgive me?,"he asked. I simply nodded. "And what about me?,"asked Harry. "Same for you,"I simply replied. "Fine,"he said standing up with Seamus. They walked over to the Hufflepuff table to talk to Cedric. "You got those boys wrapped around your finger,"said Hermione. "Especially Harry,"said Ron. "Ron you need to learn to shut your mouth,"I told him. "She has a point,"said Neville. I loked over to the Hufflepuff table and saw Cedric looking at me with a smile. I smiled back and winked at him. "There we did it,"said Seamus coming back and sitting down. "Happy?,"asked Harry sitting next me. "Yes thank you,"I said hugging him. He hugged me back. "You better cut that out or Cedric will come over here,"said Ron looking over our shoulders. I let go of Harry and looked at Cedric. The way he was looking at Harry reminded me of what my mom said ones, Si miradas mataran. which means if looks could kill. "Okay everybody hush up the sorting is about to begin,"said Seamus. Everytime Gryffindor got a new student we cheered really loud, especially me Harry and Ron. Then Dumbledore started saying some announcement which made me and Harry angry. They canceled Quidditch!! "That is so not fair!,"I said. Then he made the announcement that the Triwizard Tournament was going to be held here at Hogwarts, but only student over 17 years old could participate. "Booo!,"I heard Fred and George scream. Dumbledore then introduced Beauxbaton's girls. They entered and all the guys went crazy. Me Hermione and Ginny rolled our eyes. I looked over at Cedric and he was just looking at me. Your my only girl, he mouthed at me. I smiled at him. Then the Durmstrang boys entered as soon as Dumbledore introduced them. The girls all had dreamy eyes. Cedric quickly looked my way. Your my only guy, I mouthed to him. He smiled back. "Its him, its Krum,"said Ron. I looked in his direction and he seem to like all the attention. After he told us a bit more about the Triwizard Tournament and then he dismissed us to our common rooms. As soon as I stood up I felt strong arms around me. "And who might this beautiful lady be?,"asked Cedric. "Your girlfriend,"I replied smiling. "And will my girlfriend like to go out on a date this Saturday night?."he asked. "Depends,"I replied. "On?,"he asked. "With who,"I said with a smirk. "Well with this gorgeous young man who has the privilege to be called your boyfriend,"he said. "Sounds like a great date,"I said. "Chlo are you coming or what?,"asked Ron. They were waiting for me by the doors. "I'll be right there,"I replied. "Well I guess you have to go with Harry,"said Cedric rolling his eyes and letting me go. "Cedric he is my friend!!! And nothing more!!!,"I said. "Does he know that?,"he asked. "Ofcourse why wouldn't he?....he also knows that I'm madly in love with you!,"I said. "Awww your madly in love with me?,"he asked putting his arms around my waist again. "Yes,"I said. "I'm madly in love with you too,"he said. "See...you don't have anything to worry about. I think you should of known after almost two years,"I said. "And talking about our two years anniversary...I really do have a surprise for you,"he said as he grabbed my hand ans startied walking. I could see the guys and Hermione were sick of waiting for me. "And what is it?,"I asked. "Now if I tell you it won't be a surprise will it,"he said. By now we were infront of my friends. "I guess this is were I have to leave you,"he said. "Yeah,"I simply replied. "I'll see you tomorrow,"he said as he kissed my forhead. Then he looked at Harry and gave me a quick passionate kiss. "Good night,"he said. "Night,"I told him as he walked away. I turned to see Harry looking annoyed. Boy this is going to be a long year.....

Things will be diffirent but some will be the same as the movies andor books/

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