My Life In The Akatsuki! (Naruto Story, Read Da Intro!)

My Life In The Akatsuki! (Naruto Story, Read Da Intro!)

This is the second series!!! First Series: My Life in A Naruto High School! (Naruto Story, Read Da Intro!). In this story: Pein is actually social, Madara Uchiha is still acting like Tobi.
Romance, Jealousy, Memories, and… A weirdo? Lol Enjoy! XD

Chapter 1

Wow… that dudes a weirdo

by: ExShinobi
*Name: * Yuki Dakede
*Age: * 16
*Clan: * The Dakede Clan (all except Yuki were killed by Uchiha Itachi)
*Appearance: * long blond hair usually hidden under a cap, dangerous blue eyes. Usually wears tank tops and skinny jeans with converse. Wears earrings and a long black leather bracelet. (Look at da picture for da chapter)
*Family: * none
*Skills: * smart, specializes in ninjutsu, genjutsu, and tiejutsu
*Relationship to Sasuke & Itachi: * Used to be childhood friends until Itachi killed their clans.
Notes: Went with Akatsuki members Deidara, Konan, and Itachi Uchiha.

And SERIOUSLY, read the intro!!!

The Hideout

We walk up to the mouth of a cave. Itachi looks back at me and nods, I nod back. We walk into the cave slowly and cautiously. I try to see, but it’s to dark. I knock into someone really hard, causing me to fly backward. Someone catches me.

“You alright?” Asks Deidara.
“Yeah, did I knock into you?” I ask.
“No, I’m the one who caught you.” He laughs.
“Then who-“ I begin to say, but I see a pair of Sharingan eyes looking above me, at Deidara. They look at me.
“Are you alright?” Asks Itachi.
“Yeah, sorry about that.” I say. Itachi looks back to Deidara.
“You don’t have to hold her anymore.” He growls. Deidara slowly lets me go.
“Thanks.” I say to Deidara.

After 30 minutes of darkness

We finally get to the ‘Hide-out’ part of the cave.

“Holy cow.” I whisper in awe. You’d think that living in a cave would take you down a whole lot in technology points. I think. It looked like a regular big house, except cave walls instead of actual walls.
“Yeah, it’s pretty modern home.” Says Deidara, seeing my reaction. Konan turns to us and smiles.
“What did you think it was gonna look like?” She asks me.
“Well, maybe more like a… cave.” I say smiling at her. The three of us start to laugh.
I leave Deidara and Konan and catch up to Itachi.

“So what’s it like here?” I ask, poking him playfully. He grunts, keeping his bad boy face on. “Oh come on. You’re not fun when you put on your Akatsuki face.” I say gently poking him on his forehead. He grabs my hand and smiles. I smile back.
“It’s boring.” He says. I laugh.
“Dang. So what do you do to stay… not bored.” I say.
“Train, think, sit.” He says. I sigh.
“Sounds fun.” I say sarcastically. He smiles down at me.
“Now that you’re here, it won’t be boring.” He says. We smile at each other before I hear this gross sound. It sounded like someone being shredded up.

We go into a room with a fridge, pantries, a table, and chairs. The kitchen.. I see this guy with what looked like big green jaw’s , and his head in the middle. His hair was green, and one half of his head was black and the other was white. I looked to see what he was munching on. A-a-a arm?!? I think. The guy looks at me, and sure as hell, he was chewing on an arm. I gag a bit, and the guy turns away. Itachi pulls me closer.
“Wow… that guys a weirdo.” I say to Itachi as we walk out of the room. Itachi starts to laugh but quickly manages to stop, his face getting a bit pink from trying not to. I look behind us.
“where’s Konan and Deidara?” I ask.
“They probably went back to their own rooms.” He says.
“Oh. Where are we going?” I ask. He looks at me.
“To the leader.” He says. I nod.

Itachi and I get to a door, and Itachi stops. He looks at me.
“You ready?” He asks. I hesitate. Was I? I think. I look at Itachi and smile.
“Yup.” I say, and he smiles.
The door opens to a large room with nothing but a desk and chair with someone sitting in it.
“Who is it?” The person asks. We walk up to the desk and stop. I can’t see the leader because it’s to dark in the room.
“Itachi. And I’ve brought her.” Itachi says, sounding bored.
“Did she come willingly or forced?” He asks.
“Willingly.” Says Itachi.
“You may leave Itachi.” The leader says. My head snaps towards Itachi. Itachi hesitates, but then smiles at me and leaves.

Once the door is closed the leader gets up and walks around the desk to me. He takes the cap of my head and takes my hair out of it’s ponytail, letting it fall to the small of my back. He lightly grabs a piece of it and twirls it between his fingers.
“I know who you are. And that’s why I want you to join the Akatsuki.” He says letting go of my hair and stands in front of me.
“Who am I?” I ask challenging him. He laughs.
“Someone worth all the money in the world.” He says. I shiver.
“I’m not who you think I am then.” I say defiantly.
“Oh? You specialize in ninjutsu, genjutsu, and tiejutsu , you’re one of the smartest, you can analyze the best move to make next before you even need to in under a second, You where top of all your classes next to Sasuke Uchiha, You beat Sasuke in a number of fights, taken on a dozen trained ninjas single handedly, and you’re beautiful.” He says. I blush from him calling me beautiful. “Are you not who I think you are?” He asks.
“Yeah, I am.” I say defeated.
“I’m the leader, call me Pein.” He says. I nod. “you’ll be placed in the same room with Sasori.”
“But-“ I begin to say.
“My decisions are final.” Says Pein. I nod again. “You may go now.” He says returning to his chair. I sigh.
“What was that?” He asks.
“Nothing.” I say happily opening the door.
“Like hell it was.” I hear him murmur before I close the door.

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