My new story (JJLS) prt 7

Hey....3 comments 4 chapter 8


Chapter 1

I remember when we kissed.....

I opened my eyes
Had I been dreaming? had the last few months really happened ? Was I really about to marry Joe Jonas in a couple of hours? I looked at the engagment ring on my finger.Yes I was. Oh my god I'am marrying Joe Jonas today. I lay there for a while remembering what life was like before I had gone to that concert and met the love of my life. And afterwords when they brought us home, I laughed as I remembered my mother's face when she opened the front door and saw Joe Jonas standing outside her house with his arm around her eldest daughter, and the other two helping Chloe get the bags from the trunk. A few days later I dropped everything and went on tour with them. It was on our 8th month anniversary he proposed. I remember I was in the front row, the part that was sectioned off for friends and family. I was sitting next to his mom Denise, I felt really lucky. I looked around and rembered what I was like to be one of those screaming fan girls. Joe came to the front of the stage with Nick on guitar and Kevin on piano. They were about to peform turn right. The sang it perfectly I looked at Denise and could see the pride across her face. When the song was finished Joe shushed the crowed.
"Alright guys, there's something I need to do and I need a special someone to help me. So Dee will you come up here please"


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