Can crushes crush your heart?
This is for Jay for being a such a great writer and showing u that I can become one too.

Chapter 8

Love Triangle?

by: yannis13
I saw Dodge there in the gymnasium chatting with some friends.I strided up to Dodge embracing him with a huge hugg.Wrapping my arms around his built up torso.He embraced me back, hugging me even tighter.
"Hey Mia."He smiled awkwardly
"Hi" I beamed back."Whats with the awkward smile"I said nervous that my plan wasnt going to work out.
"No its just.. I didn't think we could still hang out after the party."he said
"Well of course we can hang..."I said.
Taylor caught my eye he was talking to some of the girls from Kelsey Andersons little clique including her.I starred back at Dodge and said..
"You know what we should hang out alot more.I feel like were not really close anymore..ya know." A few seconds passed by.I stood there desperately waiting for a reply.
Dodge smiled "Yes we shall catch up a lot more" he babbled in a funny little british accent.
Dodge was a pretty cool guy, more like a perfect guy. But for some reason my thoughts were like a paths leading to what I wanted ,and what I thought I wanted.One being Taylor and one being Dodge.My was glued on Taylor.Woah,when did my life turn into some teen drama love triangle? Did i actually have feelings for Dodge? Was i using him just to get back at Taylor?
"Yepp I hope this is for the best."I said starring into his deep sea blue eyes.
"You talk like your in another world sometimes Mia..its kinda cute and strange..but I like it."Dodge said
"Ok Mr.Sentimental lets go we gotta go get dressed out for P.E."I gleamed at him. He pulled me in for a tight hugg.His sweatshirt was scented of some sweet guy cologne and little bit of sweat.
"OK! YOU TWO , THIS ISN'T A LOVE FEST GO GET CHANGED!"Coach Matthews voiced roared at me and Dodges little PDA scene.I quickly let Dodge go and rushed to the girls locker room with my cheeks burning, flushed with embaressment.I turned my head to see if Taylor had witnessed that whole scene.And he did just that I saw him glaring at me then to Dodge.Perfect

I squirmed into my Tennis shoes,I noticed someone elses' shoes a few feet from mine.I stretched my neck up to see Cydneys perky face itching to talk to me.
"Woah you scared me there."I jumped back
"Girrrlllll so fill me in,everybody saw you and Dodge flirting in the gym, I didnt know u were into him."Cydney babbled.
"Chill out were just friends...Do you get it just friends."i said reasuringly
She broke out an ear popping squeal i cringed at. "Omg,Omg,Omg! Somebody has a wittle love triangle"Cydney danced.
"C'mon grow up I dont take part in any love triangle i have an education to persue." I kinda lied
"Education my butt! You know your caught up between Dodge and Taylor."she sang
"Whatever, my life isnt some teen drama love triangle okay...well I hope its not.

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