Can crushes crush your heart?
This is for Jay for being a such a great writer and showing u that I can become one too.

Chapter 3

New Cut

by: yannis13
I started my day off in P.E. ,next was choir. I loved choir. It gave me a break.I swiftly walked into choir. As soon as I entered the room our choir director, Mrs. Meilink's, perkiness filled the room.
"Come on guys, take your seats I have great news!"
I rushed to my seat. The class was divided into sections. Altos were seated on the far right. Tenors and bass were seated in the middle. I was a soprano so we were seated on the far left.
"Ok guys we have our first performance coming up...The Eighth Grade Fall Festival. So we need to get down to business!!!"
I scanned the room searching for anyone who was as happy as Mrs.Meilink. Then I spotted Taylor, he had got a haircut. He didn't wear his glasses so his eyes sparkled in the bright flourescent lights. He had spiked his hair in a way that made him look...
"Mia would you start us please!" Mrs.Meilink shouted
Then I noticed everyone's eyes were darted on me.
"Oh yea"I stammered
I had a solo so and I had to recite it in front of the whole class. I wasn't nervous, many times I had done this. I began.
My solo lasted for about thirty seconds.It was a great solo.
"Thank you Mia,beautiful."
I felt everyone's eyes nailed to me, I gleamed staring back at everyone. Even Taylor starred at me with a wondrous expression across his face. I gleamed back at him.
"Ok guys that's good for to day for solos. Pass your music down And get in to groups for the ensemble!" Mrs.Meilink roared
I got up to put my folder away, Taylor followed me to put his away too.
"Your voice is amazing" he exclaimed
"Thanks and your hair... It looks great." I said almost speechless
"Yea thought I'd tried something different."He said
It looked as if he was happy I had complemented on his hair.
"Yea change is good at times"I said then I walked away. Wow that haircut of his was riveting.I fixed my hair, and joined my other friends.Wait, why was I so caught up in his new look?

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