Can crushes crush your heart?
This is for Jay for being a such a great writer and showing u that I can become one too.

Chapter 2


by: yannis13
School days drowned on and on. It seemed as if Taylor was invisible. Maybe it was because I was so caught up in all the class projects, homework, and extra credit. I had to make my last year of middle school count. Had to perform the best to prepare myself for the treacherous depths of high school.
I hadn't talked to Taylor since I put my name in his phone. And he had not texted me either.
We were in science working on worksheets about tectonic plates. I was puzzled on two questions- which was rare for me.
"Hey Taylor I don't know about you but it says no where in this book who came up with the theory of tectonic plates.'
"Well you have to look for context clues and look in the index". He said
As he spoke he didn't even take a glance up at me, he just stared at the book and scribbled so perfectly on his sheet.
"Wagner made the theory of Tectonics plates", he mumbled.
"Oh yea, right thanks." I said puzzled

He looked at me as if he knew I was a little worried about the assignment.
"You know you shouldn't be stressed about stuff like this, Mrs.lasco just takes these stuff as completion grades." He assured me
"Oh." I said
He took one long gaze into my eyes and swept the hair out of my face.
"It will help you concentrate more."He assured me again.
I was stunned. It took me a while to blink until my eyes began to burn. Why did he touch my hair,
" LUNCH!!" Mrs.Lasco roared across the room. Everyone scrambled out of their seats.I went to stand next to Cydney ,an old friend from sixth grade.
"Hey girl" I staggered enthusiasticly
"Hey" she stammered
On our way too lunch Cydney filled me in about the latest drama and exclusive parties.Half my attention was on our conversation, on the other half I was thinking about the way Taylor had swept my hair out of my face. Was he trying to pull a move or was he just being friendly?
"...When everyone found out that Mrs.Watters was prego we siked!!!"Cydney was probally talking to me.
"Hold on she's preggo, I thought she broke up with her boyfriend a week ago?" I said I made her believe I was interested in such a topic.
She talked more and more that's when I spotted Billie. Bille was one of my best friends it sucked that we only had one class together. Me and Billie were an odd pair she always knew how to keep me laughing till I chocked on my tongue.
"Hey Cydney I'm gonna go catch up with Billie, we can finish this after lunch." I rushed
"Oh yea totally Mia!!"

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