Can crushes crush your heart?
This is for Jay for being a such a great writer and showing u that I can become one too.

Chapter 1

First Sight

by: yannis13
The beginning of the school year was always the same every year. Everyone came back looking new and fresh. Pep filled the hallways, everyone's eyes danced around searching for new friends or new people.This year was different it was my last year for middle school. This year I should get a little respect from the six and seventh graders... just if they aren't bigger than me.
Cliques filled the hallways all huddled up chatting about summer romances, pool parties,and expensive vacays.
I wasn't in any clique. I had a friend or two in each clique including the "Sexy Six". They were the popular girls who were friends with everyone. Girls dreamed about being invited to their sleep overs and guys dreamed about getting their phone numbers. The leader was Kelsey Anderson. No one dared to ever find a single flaw on that girls' body. She had bleach blonde hair. Bright pink braces. All of the most exsquite and trendy clothes from Aeropostale to Hollister to PINK. She was also a talented dancer.
So yea I did have friends. I didn't belong any clique like I said, I was willing to get along with anyone who was funny.

I slouched in honors science. Bored. Eyes becoming heavier, and heavier and just as I was about to go into a deep sleep then get a detention after wards I hear...BUZZZZZ BUZZZ! A loud buzzing noise is going. Did I forget to turn my phone on to silence this morning? No, it was the guy next to me.
"Is that your phone?" I whispered to him
"Yea, was it that loud?"
"Kinda" I chuckled softly
When I first came into class I was not even paying attention to who I was sitting by but, I had recognized him before. He was the lead in last year's fall play. At our school the plays were a big thing. I made a minor character that year.
"Oh my names Taylor, your Mia right?" he said.
"Yea don't wear it out" We chuckled softly
Our attention turned back to Mrs. Lasco. She was giving a lecture about the Periodic Table.
I took a peek at him his hair hanged slightly bellow his ears. He had glasses on and he had the most gorgeous green eyes. He began to text violently on his phone. He noticed I was staring at him.
"Why don't you put your number in my phone?"
I stared at him puzzled
"I mean you don't have to but..."he said
"Yea sure" I mumbled.
I stumbled my number and name in his phone quickly before we both got in trouble.
DING!!! The bell rang I snatched my stuff and waved at him.
I know I didn't like him but he was cool, I was curious into getting to know him.

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