Sometimes Pranking Turns Into Love (A George Weasley Love Story)

Name: Mia Mason
Looks: Long, semi-culy brown hair that has a reddish tint, dark brown eyes that almost look black, olive skin
Wand: 10 and 3/4 inches, Holly, Unicorn hair center
Other: She doesn't really hate or dislike anyone, gets along with everybody, half-blood

PS: This story starts at the end of the Prisoner of Azkaban (They are in their 5th year)

Chapter 3

My Mother

"So how far can you go back in your memory?" My dad asked as we walked aimlessly around the corridors.
"Not very. I only remember school and my friends. The oldest one is when we first met Fred and George at Diagon Ally."
"I see. So where should we start? When you lost your first tooth? Rode your bike without training wheels? Got your Hogwarts letter?"
"Well actully I have a question. When we were in Diagon Ally it was just you, me, Aunt Rose, and Grandma. Where was my mom? I don't even remember a single thing about her."
"Well there's no easy way to say this but, your mother Eliza just disapeared when you were about four years old."
"Wait. What do you mean?"
"Well your mother was a witch and some weird things were starting to happen. Some weird things involving someone Eliza simply called You-Know-You. She seemed really scarred of him but would never discuss him. She was so frightened she made us move a couple times. She said it was 'for our own safty'. And then one day I woke up to find our bed empty and when I walked into the kitchen I found a note on the table that said; 'Dear Stephen and Mia, I'm sorry but I have to leave. It's for the safety of all three of us. Some day I'll try to return but I'm not making any promises. My sister and my mother can help you take care of Mia expecially when she becomes a witch. I'm sorry, take care good bye and stay safe.'"
"Wow so she just left just like that! Without even a proper good bye!" I don't know why but this enraged me a lot. Maybe because I thought of a little girl with messy hair from just waking up, walking into the kitchen clutching her teddy bear expecting breakfast. But all she sees is her dad sitting staring at a letter, looking like grief took over him. When he sees the little girl he get's up and explains everything as best he can but the little girl is still confused and has many questions. And that little girl was me. I just had another flash back, another memory but it didn't make me happy like the other ones. On the contrary this one made me sad and kinda depressed.
"Honey are you okay? You've been silent for a while now." My dad said, breaking my out of my reveire.
"No I'm not okay. How can my own mother and your wife just abandon us. Just leave us wondering what happened. Weither she's dead or alive. And we don't even hear a word from her! How would any of that make me okay?!" I said almost yelling.
"Settle down Mia. She did it to protect herself and to protect us."
"Protect us from what? And besides we could've protected each other!"
"She did this for the best-"
"No," I said cutting my dad off, "Quit defending her. What make's you think that, that just isn't some excuse and the real reason she left is because she didn't want us anymore?"
"Mia! She loved us."
"Then why did she leave?" I said and turned around a stormed off. My father started coming after me calling my name so I ran. I ran all the way to the common room, taking a few secret passageways. I ignored Fred and George and ran up to the girls' dormitory and flopped down on my bed. And I cried. Even though I lost my memory I know crying isn't something I do often. It makes me feel weak and insecure. But at this moment I don't care. I didn't stop until someone sat down at the foot of my bed and said in a soft voice, "Mia are you okay?"
It was Angelina. I sat up and wiped away the remaining tears before she could see them and answered: "Yeah I'm just fine. Just peachy."
"I know you, so I can tell when you're lying. You're not fine, somethings wrong." When I didn't say anthing she continued talking, "Why don't you come down to the common room Fred and George want to know what's up too. And I promise they wont make fun of you."
"I'm fine."
"No you're not. You can't keep things bottled up you have to talk about them."
"Fine," I grumbled and we walked down to the common room. We sat in our usual spot, two couches across from each other. Angelina sat next to Fred and so I sat next to George. I learned in the last few days since I woke up, that Fred and Angelina are dating. Even if it's not really offical. They both really like each other.
"So did you have a bad conversation with your dad?" Fred asked.
"Yeah kinda."
"And do you want to tell us what about?" asked Angelina.
"It was about... my mother," I said and everything just sort of spilled out. I told them everything about the letter, my flashback, and the argument. While telling them I was close to tears again so George put a comforting arm around me. But when I was all done I actully felt kinda better.
"So what do you think? Was I to hard on my dad?" I felt kinda guilty now for just exploding on him.
"I think you reacted fine. I mean that is some tough news to take in." Angelina said with a soft smile.
"You know for as long as we've known you I've never heard you say a word about your mum."
"Yeah whenever someone brought her up you would get all nervous and just change the subject."
"I wonder why," I said trying to recall any memory of this. "It's not like it's too bad or embarrassing to keep from my friends."
"And trust me, we know some pretty embarrassing stuff you about you already."
"But maybe there's more to it you don't remember?"
"Eh I don't think so otherwise my dad would have told me." All though I had a feeling that this wasn't entirley true. I felt like there was more I knew but my mind didn't want me to remember.
"Ms. Mason did you prehaps loose somthing?" Mcgonagall asked. She was standing over me with my father at her side.
"No I didn't loose him. I remember exactly where I left him," I suddenly felt a little more anger.
"Well I sugest you don't leave him. I found your father wondering the corridors looking for you."
"Well she's right here," George said pointing at me.
"I can see that." And with that Mcgonagall turned and walked out of the common room.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't of told you all of that at once it must have overwhelmed you," My dad said and then he glanced me to George who's arm was still around me. When George saw him looking he slowly took his arm away and scooted away so my dad could have a spot between us again. I don't know why. It's not like it's a big deal after all we're just friends.
"So why don't we start over and I'll tell you some of you're childhood memorys."
"Okay," I said with a smile.
"I'd like to hear this. Are there any embarrassing ones?"
"Well I could tell you about how we potty-trained you."
"No! Dad don't tell any awkward or uncomfortable stories! Do we even have to do this now?"
"Yes we do I'm leaving in a few hours."
"Wait. What? Why? You haven't even been here 24 hours!"
"Because you have to focus on your studies and I have to get back to work."
And with that he told us of my childhood. (Luckly nothing embarrassing) Some stories I remembered but other's I couldn't. But after only a few memories my father had to leave so I still didn't know every thing about my childhood.
At the end of the day when I was lying in bed one thing still bothered me. Why couldn't I remember a single thing about my mother. I couldn't even picture what she looks like. I want to know why she left us. What was so bad that I had to keep her from my best friends who I share everything with? Did my Aunt or grandmother know anything about it? And these are the thoughts I feel asleep to.

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