Sometimes Pranking Turns Into Love (A George Weasley Love Story)

Name: Mia Mason
Looks: Long, semi-culy brown hair that has a reddish tint, dark brown eyes that almost look black, olive skin
Wand: 10 and 3/4 inches, Holly, Unicorn hair center
Other: She doesn't really hate or dislike anyone, gets along with everybody, half-blood

PS: This story starts at the end of the Prisoner of Azkaban (They are in their 5th year)

Chapter 2

Well I Guess I have Cooties

The next few days were kinda boring with being stuck in the hospital wing and everything but I was starting to get more of my memory back. My dad was coming today to help me regain more of my memory even though he was only a muggle. One of the teachers would meet him and then apperate close to the school and then walk since you can't apperate inside of Hogwarts. I could also leave the hosital wing today and George came to help me take my stuff back to the common room.
"Where's Fred?" I asked.
"Uh... he had something to do," He said with a mysterious grin on his face.
"And what would that be?"
"Oh you'll see." And with that he took most of my things which mostly consisted of get well soon cards and gifts from my friends and we walked up to the common room. As we walked up to the Gryffindor common room people from Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and even a few Slytherin said things like "Well come back Mia," or "I hope you're feeling better." Some of them I vaguely remember and others I had no idea who they were so I just smiled and nodded. And then George would tell me who they were and what pranks we've played on them.
When we got to the picture of a fat lady George said the password -flibbertigibbet- and we walked into the dark, silent common room.
"Is there class right now or something?" I asked. I didn't think there was but the common room was just so dark and quite.
"No even better," George said and then the lights came on and everyone jumped out of hidding places yelling surprise!
"Woah what's this?" I asked half startled half amused.
"Your welcome back part of course," Fred said.
"And we have another surprise for you!" Angelina said.
"Really what is it?"
"Well it's not an it it's a who," said a fimilar voice. It was a voice I knew and remembered.
"Dad!" I said and gave him a hug. "I thought you weren't coming until later today."
"Well I came a little early to surprise you."
"That's great. So how are you? What's new?"
"Why don't you go hang out with your friends and we can catch up later."
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"Positive. Now go talk to your friends, they've missed you."
"Okay" I said. And I walked around talking to eveyone, with Fred and George at my sides. A little later I went to talk to Harry, Ron, and Hermione and a few others had also gathered around.
"Hey Mia do you remember how you met Ron?" Fred asked.
"You mean in Diagon Ally?"
"No when you officially met him. When you came to the Burrow after our first year."
"I love that story," Ginny said giggling.
"Oh for Merlin's pants please don't tell that story!" Ron exclaimed. And then it all came back to me:

"Fred! George!" Mrs. Weasley said pulling them into a hug. "How was your year? And Mia! Good to see you. You can put your stuff in Ginny's room and then all of you go wash your hands it's almost time to eat."

I walked back downstairs and sat down at the table in between Fred and George, and across from Ginny who was inbetween Bill and Charlie. They were ruffling her hair and teaseing her in that brotherly way.
Dinner was fun, we all sat around talking and goofing off. All but Ron who sat there barley talking and he kept staring at me.
"Does Ron always act like that? He was really quite and kept staring at me." I asked after dinner. We were upstairs in Fred and Geroge's room.
"Oh Ron? He's just acting like that because fancys you," Fred said.
"What?" I asked. I couldn't believe it, I barley even talked to him.
"He's had a little crush on you ever since we met in Diagon Alley," George said.
"He said you're pretty, which I really don't see," Fred said as I smacked him.
"Yeah he says you have pretty eyes and hair, and nice skin."
"And when we told stories of our pranks with you he would alway's be the one to laugh the loudest."
"Oh and he alway's asks about you."
"Well that's kinda weird," I said not knowing what else to say.
"You're telling me! Try having your little brother talk about your best friend more than you do!" Said George.
"And it's also kinda gross. Who would want to like Mia! I think she has cooties."
"I have to agree with that!" George said.
"Shut up you guys or I'll..."
"You'll what? We're out of school so you can't hex me!" He laughed.
"Or I'll bite you!" Fred laughed and I took his arm and bit him.
"OW! You bit me!"
"I told you I would and you're lucky I didn't break the skin!" I warned.
"Hey you guys this just got slipped under the door," George was holding a letter with my name on it.
We read it and it said: Mia meet me at the end of the dock at the lake in ten minutes.
Fred and George were both laughing "It's from little Ronnie!"
"You have to go! I wanna see this." So we all went down the stairs and out side and Ginny joined us. I walked to the end of the dock where Ron stood there looking extremly nervous.
"So what's up Ron?"
"Well I guess you've probaly heard from Fred and George that I kinda like you."
"Yeah you said I have nice skin." There was an akward silence. "So is this all you had to say?" I asked and turned away.
"No wait." I turned and suddenly he did something completly unexpected. Ron leand forward with his lips puckered about to kiss me. And without even thinking I moved out of the way. And without me there, there was nothing to catch him and SPLASH! He fell right into the lake.
"Help I can't swim very well!" Ron called and I jumped in(luckly I'm a very good swimmer) and brought him back to shore where Fred, George, and Ginny were all standing laughing their heads off. Ron avoided me the rest of my stay.

When I came back to real life I saw that everyone was staring at me.
"I remember how I met Ron!"
"Okay great! Fill us in," Harry said and with the help of Ginny, Fred, and George we told everyone the story. (Under the protest of Ron)
"I can't believe I never heard that story before!" Hermione said once the story was over and everyone was done laughing.
"Yeah that's the day I got over her. There's just something about almost drowning in a lake that can make you think twice about liking a girl."
"So you're over me Ron? Oh darn I was just starting to think of how attractive you are!" I said with mock saddness.
"Really? You were?" There was a look of hope on his face.
"No I was just joking.... sorry."
"It's okay Ron. You don't want her anyway. She still has cooties."
After a while most of the food was gone so that caused the party to die down and before I knew it, it was just me, George, Ginny, and Fred sitting by the fire casually talking.
"Hey guys," my dad said as he squeezed in between George and me on the couch.
"Hey Mr. M!" Fred said.
"What's up?" My dad asked.
"Well I guess I have cooties."
"You know it's true," George said.
"Well luckly I'm immune to them," Dad said giving me a hug.
"What's up?"Ginny asked.
"Well I just wanted to make sure these two boys," He gestured at Fred and George, "Are taking good care of my daughter. Making sure my little Mia doesn't get hurt." My dad said putting his arm around me and giving me a squeeze.
"Don't worry we take good care of little Mia, like she's our little sister," said George.
Ginny snorted. "You take better care of her than you do me!"
"And A. I can take care of myself. I even have to help you two out sometimes. And B. I'm not little Mia I'm older than you!"
"Yeah but we're bigger, stronger, faster, and better looking!" Fred said flexing his muscles.
"And also more self-centered." I added. "And I'm also faster, and better looking than you."
"Well you're-"
"Hey guys quit fighting!" My dad called.
"Yeah Fred, Mia might kick your butt!" George smirked.
"The real reason I came over here was to see if I can steal you away from your friends now? And we can go and talk."
"Yeah sure. We can go for a walk around the corridors and outside and I can show you everything."
"Okay, lets go."
"Bye you guys," I called to Ginny, Fred, and George as I walked out of the common room with my father.

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