Sometimes Pranking Turns Into Love (A George Weasley Love Story)

Name: Mia Mason
Looks: Long, semi-culy brown hair that has a reddish tint, dark brown eyes that almost look black, olive skin
Wand: 10 and 3/4 inches, Holly, Unicorn hair center
Other: She doesn't really hate or dislike anyone, gets along with everybody, half-blood

PS: This story starts at the end of the Prisoner of Azkaban (They are in their 5th year)

Chapter 1

Remembering Memorys

I was in a huge field that was filled with lots of pretty flowers and trees. It was so peaceful and sunny here that I could stay here forever. I was walking around the field occasionally stopping to pick some flowers when I came across an apple tree. I climbed all the way to a top branch and sat there munching on some apples for what only felt like a few minutes but it must have been a few hours because it was starting to get dark. I climbed down the tree and continued walking but then I came to a women. She had semi-curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. She had a kind smile but then suddenly that smile turned sinister. She raised a wand and out came green light. Before I could react I hit the ground and everything went black.
I awoke with a jump and my eyes fluttered open. Instead of being in the field I was in a room next to two other people. And neither one of them was the women in my dream.
"She's awake!" The boy said.
"I'll go get Madem Pompfrey and tell the others!" The girl said. They both were smiling and looked excited.
"Hey how do you feel?" The guy said as he sat down on my bed rather close.
"Ah... pretty good. But who are you?" I asked and his smile faded.
"What do you mean?" He looked confused.
"Who are you? What's your name?" The question really wan't that hard to understand.
"I'm George Weasley."
"Nice to meet you," I said and held out my hand to shake his.
"So you really don't know who I am?"
"Of course I do! You just said you're George Weasley like ten seconds ago."
"No! Besides that."
"What do you mean?" Why was he being so confusing?
"We're best friends. We have been for years."
"Are you sure? I think I would remember my best friend," I said.
"Well we are best friends. We have been since we first meet right before going to Hogwarts," George said smiling. He was kinda cute expecially when he smiled. But if we're best friends maybe I shoudn't be attracted to him because if I was he would be my boyfriend. At least that's how I think it works.
"Okay I believe you after all why would someone lie about being best friends, but what's Hogwarts? And how come I don't remember meeting you?"
"Let me explain," Said a women's voice from behind George. "I'm Madam Pomfrey and I'm the nurse at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are a witch in your 5th year. Does any of this sound familiar?"
"Yeah a little," and it did.
"Good. Three and a half weeks ago," Madam Pomfrey continued. "You were playing in a Qudditch game and a bludger hit you right in the head and you fell a very long distance. And between the bludger and fall you have been unconcious for three and a half weeks and I guess you have lost most or maybe all of your memory."
"George, Madem Pomfrey!" Someone called. "Is she really awake?"
"Excuse me I'm going to go fill them in," she said as she walked out.
"So... anymore questions?" George asked.
"Yeah just one.... Everyone just keeps calling me she! Don't I have a name? Who am I?"
"Your full name is Mia Olivia Mason, your birthday is January 21st. Your favorite color is orange. Your mom is a witch and your dad is a muggle. You're smart, funny, athletic, nice to everybody, and a bloody good prankster. And oh you love ice cream cake."
"Wow you really are my best friend," I said.
"Told you... Oh and you also owe me ten gallons,"
"Really? Well I'll have to pay you pack later."
"It's okay I was only joking," George said smiling.
"Oi George! Come in here!" A voice called.
"Coming!" He yelled and then added in a softer voice, "I'll be right back."
I could here people talking out side my room.
"She doesn't remember anything at all. She didn't even remember who she was," I heard George say.
"I'm sure it will all come back we just have to help her refreash her memory," Madam Pomfrey said.
"I just got an owl and her father is worried sick, he wants to visit. And it could help her regain her memory," Said another women's voice.
"Perhaps we can arange that even if he is not a wizard. But only for a few days since it is nearing the end of the year and they have to study for their O.W.L.s," said an olderman's voice.
"Okay can we just go and talk to Mia I haven't talked to her in forever!" some one else said.
"Okay, but only a few at a time, we don't want to overwhelm her."
I met all my old friends: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, Oliver Wood and some others too. And then someone else came in too.
"Hey George you're back!" I said as he walked in.
"I'm not George," he said. Uh he must have been trying to confuse me again.
"Yeah you are! Who else would you be?"
"I'm Fred of course!"
"Yeah sure... and my name is Elizabeth," I said sarcasticly.
"Okay then if I'm George-"
"Which you are."
"Right. Then I have something to tell you."
"And what would that be?" I asked.
"It would be that I really really fancy y-"
"Woah there's two of you!" I interuped him because just then someone who looked exactly like him walked in.
"Well yeah there's two of us! That's what I've been trying to tell you! He's George and I'm Fred!"
"Oh opps." I said a little embarrased. "So which on is which?"
"Blimey I'd never thought this would happen." said Fred.
"What would happen?"
"That you out of all people wouldn't be able to tell us apart," said George.
"Oh have I alway's been able to?"
"Yeah pretty much since we first meet in Diagon Ally." That sounded really fimilar and as I thought about it I remembered:

"What else do you need for school love?" My aunt asked. I was 11 years old in Diagon Ally with my father(a muggle), my Aunt Rose (a witch), and my Grandma Margret (Also a witch).
"Just some quills and a caldron," I said looking at my list. We were walking to the shop when out of no where there was a whoosing sound and something hit me with a boom! And then I was covered in blue paint.
"Fred! George!" a woman with red hair skrieked, "What did you do? Get over here and apologize!"
"I am so sorry dear my sons here," she said glaring at twin boys who were trying not to laugh, "Like to play pranks."
"Oh it's fine I'm sure it was just an accident," I said smiling as sweetly as I could, knowing I would try to get revenge later.
"Well at least let me help you clean up," said the women and then she said some spell and I was all clean again.
"Why thank you. By the way I'm Mia Mason and I'm going to be a first year at Hogwarts."
"I'm George and we'll be first years too," said the twin wearing a blue shirt.
"And I'm Fred," said the one in the green.
"And I'm Molly Weasley, it was very nice to meet such a lovely girl like you."
"Why thank you," I said. We all said bye and went our seperate ways.
My family and I got the quills and my caldron and then we went to go eat. I was munching on my food when I saw the perfect oppertunity: Fred and George were sitting a few tables over and this was my chance to get them back.
"I'll be right back," I said to my family and walked over to the Weasley's table.
"Hello, Molly, Fred, George."
"Hello Mia, good to see you again." Molly said. "And these are my other sons: Bill, Charlie, Percy, and Ron. My daughter Ginny, and husband Arthur."
"Nice to meet you," I said and made some small talk to keep their attention while I switched their salt shacker. "Well I better get back and finish my food."
I sat at my table and watched them until finally, Fred and George each salted their food. Once they took a bite their eyes bludged out and began to water, they began sweating and franticly searching for something to drink.
"Mia! What did you do?" My father asked. I guess he saw me staring at them and smiling.
"Oh... their salt may have some red savina habanero in it. The fourth hottest pepper in the world."
"And why did you do that?!"
"Because I'm nice and didn't put any hotter peppers in it."
"Go over there and apologize!"
"Fine," I said and walked over.
"Sorry for putting really hot peppers in your food."
"It's alright. But that was a good prank!" Fred said.
"Why thank you."
"We like you," George said.
"And we think we could be great friends," Fred said.
"I think we could be great friends too," I said smiling.
"Wait so you guys cover her in paint and she puts pepper in your food and now you guys decide to be best friends," said the one named Percy.
"Yeah good job keeping up with today's events, Perc," Fred said.

After that the flash back ended and I was back in the hospital wing at the end of our fifth year instead of being in Diagon Ally at 11 years old.
"Oi Mia are you okay?" George asked.
"You just zoned out for a really long time mate," Fred said.
"Sorry but I'm great and guess why?"
"You just had a day dream where Snape found some shampoo?" Fred asked smiling.
"Nope even better!"
"A dream where Percy stopped singing in the shower because he really is terrible!" George asked.
"No! I actully remembered something! How we first meet!"
"Oh that's such a lovely story. Don't you get covered in paint?"
"And you guys eat some spicy pepper."
"Can we come in yet?" Some one called while knocking on the door.
"Yeah she remembers us." Just then someone else came in: a girl.
"Oh that's great you're starting to get your memory back!" The girl exclaimed and gave me a hug.
"Hey you're the girl who was in here when I woke up," I said.
"Yes I am, I'm Angelina Johnson; your best friend," she said smiling. And I got another flash back:

It was my first year and it was the middle of the sorting. I was standing next to Fred and George.
"Mason, Mia!" Mcgonagall called. I sat down and she placed the sorting hat on my head.
"Let's see," The hat said. "You can be very sneaky but you're too nice and carring to be in Slytherin, very clever so maybe Ravenclaw? Humm no it better be GRYFFINDOR!" the hat called.
I walked to the chearing table and soon Fred and George joined me. In the middle of the feast George threw some mashed potatoes at Percy. But he ended up missing and hit a girl who had black hair and dark skin and had been sorted earlier. But she scooped up some of her potatoes and threw them at George and hit him square in the face. Fred and me both burst out laughing so George shoved mashed potatoes in our faces and soon the four of us were having a food fight.

"Wow who new George's bad aim would cause all of us to become such great friends."

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