Darn Jordan (love story)

I'm Saffire Kay, and I'm thirteen years old. I have layered blond hair, and blue/green eyes. Anyway, this is my love story. It includes my crazy friends, and my love of course!

Chapter 1

See Him

by: Kay13
I walked down the hall and into the kitchen, the way I always have. My mom was supposed to be arriving shortly so I decided to wait for her by the door.

I scanned the kitchen with my eyes. 'Nothing unusual except for my computer' I thought. But wait! There's someone else here!
"Jordan why are you here?"
"I have no idea."
Then my mom walked in. All loud and noisy too. Nice job Mom, good first impression on Jordan.
"Hi honey, Jordan's here because his family will be out of town for awhile, and we are going to take him to school for a couple days, and when his parents return, he'll leave."
"Oh... wait where is Jordan going to sleep?"
"Honey, he'll sleep in your room and you'll sleep on the couch."
"Darn Jordan" I mumbled, there goes my good nigh sleep.
"Well since you'll be sleeping there, come to my room."
When we got there, Elizabeth was in there.

Jordan's P.O.V.

When we got there, her bedroom was amazing, I mean, for a girls room. Besides the fact that the walls and sheets were pink, the cealing was blue, with glow-in-the-dark stars and was cluttered. It was perfect. I never thought girls had such good taste!
There were some cool posters of bands, and there even were some old photos, like her first dance recital and her mom's high school picture. Wait! This is a girls room I'm talking about! A girl I don't really know at that! Well I guess I should like it if I'm sleeping in it but still!

Saffire's P.O.V.

"Elizabeth, this is Jordan, he's-"
"Your boyfriend, I don't care."
I glanced at Jordan, but he gave me an unreadable expression either meaning what-the-heck or oh-yeah.
"Um no Lizzy, he's staying here for a while while his family's away."
"But he's your boyfriend right?"
"No, I'm not, sorry to burst your bubble."
I had to hold back my laughter, and by the look on Jordan's face, he had to too!
"Aww... well anyways, you have shirts to hang up Emmi."
"i'll help too." Jordan said.
"Ok... if you really want to."

Jordan's PO.V.

So we all sat in the floor, Elizabeth gave the shirts to me, so I put them on a hanger, and Saffire hung them up. Before I let each shirt go, I surveyed them, I dunno, for style purposes I guess.
Style purposes! Who am I turning into! I've only been here for 20 minutes and I'm going crazy!

Saffire's P.O.V.

"Thanks everyone! That went faster than anticipated!"
"New word!" Lizzy exclaimed.
Jordan had his thinking face (I think) on. It wasso cute! Wait a minute. Cute! Jordan? I'm dropping this subject.
"TIME FOR DINNER! WE're having mac-n-cheese!" my mom called.
"Let's go! C'mon Jordan!"

Any good?
And this was actually one of my dreams I had. Lol

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