Why be a deatheater when death is hard to swallow (Neville Longbottom Love Story)

Why be a deatheater when death is hard to swallow (Neville Longbottom Love Story)

name: Audrey Bellatrix Lestrange
eyes: faded green
hair: natural curly but you striaghten it to look different from your mother
blood: pure
age: 16

Chapter 1

Do i really have a choice?

My life has been a never ending hel. I was raised by Bellatrix Lestrange, the crazy cycopath criminal murderer. At the age of 7 years old, i ran away from home. Our house was in the middle of no where so for 6 months i was homeless and hungery. After 6 months i found a small town and put myself into an orphange. I have been living there for 9 years now. When i was 11 i got my Hogwarts letter but i could never go, if i went my family would find me and i never wanted to go back, i could never go back there. Life could be worse i guess, i could be homeless, or i could be back home learning how to toture and kill people and being beaten when i refused. I have been studying spells my entire life, i knew almost every spell there is out there. When i ran away i took many of my parents spell books with me. I was advanced for my age but i didnt really care. My name was Audrey Bellatrix Lestrange and my life has been spent hiding.

The door burst open, when i say burst i mean it literally, because it exploded. In the doorway stood my mother. I screamed and backed away til i was against the wall. "How did you find me?" I asked with my voice shaking. I was scared for my life. "The dark lord requested that i would find you and bring you to him," she said. Aw hel no! I screamed again. "NO!" I yelled as i began firing all the spells i could remember at her. She blocked them easily. "Imperio," she said with her wand pointed at me. She was forcing me to do what she wanted me to. "Hold your arm out," she said and my arm was forced up. She grabbed my arm and we apparated to the Malfoy Manor. 6 months running and 9 years spent somewhere else, to be brought back here in a matter of seconds. We were in front of a long black table and my mother took the spell off me. In front of me stood Voldemort. I wasnt going to run and scream, and i wasnt going to worship at his feet either. I was going to remain strong. "What?" I asked keeping my voice strong. He laughed, it was cold and empty, it filled the entire room and echoed after he finished. "Yes, she will do fine," Voldemort said as he was circling around me, examining me. "For what?" I asked struggling to keep my voice from shaking. "You know Draco i presume?" Voldemort asked gesturing to a boy sitting near the end of the table. Who says presume? I wondered. I knew Draco from when i was littler, before i ran away. I nodded. "Good, now part of your job will be to watch over Draco and make sure he is doing his own job, but you will have another part of your job as well," he said looking straight at me. I wanted to yell at him to get plastic surgery for his nose, to get contacts for his eyes, and to just get a wig! But if i did, i would die. "What is it?" I asked looking straight at him, not backing down. " Your job is to befriend Potter, become more then friends if it is necessary, but you need to learn about him. Learn what his strengths and weaknesses are," he said. It wasnt a question of whether or not i would do it, it was a request, i had to if i didnt want to die right there and then. "Fine," I said. That night i slept in my old childhood bed, but it didnt feel like home. I thought about Hogwarts, and unlike many other kids out there, I wasnt the least bit excited.

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