The two different sisters

The two different sisters

These two sisters are so different, you wouldn't be able to tell they were related. Vampire Princess Yuki & former vampire Princess Bella are the sisters of the year. Yuki believes in the whole royal treatment. But Bella gave up that life to live a normal one. Yuki decides she's ready for a suitor on her 17th birthday. But after one year of seperation, the two sisters are reunited. But when Bella takes Yuki to a party, she falls in love with a sensei. Will Yuki marry or stay with Bailey.(A play)

Chapter 3

Scene 3

Vincent: How are you 2 sisters?!
Bella: Don't ask!
Andrew: Laughing
After song is over
Bella: You havin fun yet? Hands Yuki soda
Yuki: .....
Bailey: She won't tell you.
Yuki: What is this?!
Bailey: Soda. Just drink it!
Yuki: It's good!
Bella: OMG! Did I just hear that right?! YOU, Princess Yuki, said something was good?!
All: Start clapping
Yuki: Don't push it!
Andrew: Now I see the resemblence!
Bailey: Laughing So, you gonna stay here for a while?
Yuki: I suppose.
Bella: You mean, "Yeah!"
Yuki: Yeah.
Bailey: :D Cool... Hey, how late do you stay up till anyway?
Yuki: 9...
Bella: Cracks up
Bailey: Not tonight, kid.

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