The two different sisters

The two different sisters

These two sisters are so different, you wouldn't be able to tell they were related. Vampire Princess Yuki & former vampire Princess Bella are the sisters of the year. Yuki believes in the whole royal treatment. But Bella gave up that life to live a normal one. Yuki decides she's ready for a suitor on her 17th birthday. But after one year of seperation, the two sisters are reunited. But when Bella takes Yuki to a party, she falls in love with a sensei. Will Yuki marry or stay with Bailey.(A play)

Chapter 2

Scene 2

Setting: PA. Outside Amerikick Karate Studio--in the rain.
Narrator: Yuki and Bella walk up to the door of the studio in the rain under an umbrella.

Bella: You're gonna have so much fun. I do karate here.
Yuki; Yes, I hope so.
Bella: I still can't believe you wore a dress. And a cape.
Yuki: It's a knee dress. And it's not a cape, it's a cloak. But thank you for holding the umbrella.
Narrator: Sensei Bailey meets the girls at the door. He opens the door.
Bailey: Hey Bells! What are you doin' sittin' out in the rain. And this must be Princess Yuki.
Yuki: (Holds hand out) Please call me Yuki. And you are...?
Bailey: (Kisses hand and bows) Bailey McCloskey.
Yuki: How old are you anyway?
Bailey: 17.
Bella: Oh, Yuki & I will be 17 in a week!
Yuki: (grunts)
Bailey: Can I get that cloak for you Yuki?
Yuki: Yes, thank you. (unties cloak)
Bella: (whispers to Bailey) Smart move.
Bailey: Yeah. Your sisters kinda hot. She older than you?
Bella: (pushes Bailey) We're twins stupid!!
Yuki: Bella watch your language. (helps Bailey up) Are you alright? My sisters tend to have a temper.
Bella: I have a temper?! You get mad over everything!
Yuki: Yes when we were little girls.
Bella: And I have something to tell you- cut the princess crap! We're at a party and you're gonna have fun! Kapeish!!!
Yuki: Kapeish.
Bailey: She's scary.
Yuki: Yes, I know.
Bella: Yuki, Bailey, come over here!
Narrator: Bailey and Yuki walk over on the mats.
Bella: Yuki, this is Andrew and Vincent.
Vincent: Hey.
Andrew: Hi.
Yuki: Hello, hi, hey? (looks over at Bella) What do you want me to say.
Bella: (Fixes Yuki's hand to make a peace sign) Say sup.
Yuki: Sup???
Bella: Much better. See did that kill you?
Yuki: I'm not sure.
Andrew: You must be Bell's twin, the princess.
Vincent: Your majesty.
Bella: Don't encourage her Vince.
Yuki: (hmph)
Narrator: Brittney Spears-Till' the world ends starts playing.
Bailey: (hmph) Have you ever heard of this song Yuki?
Yuki: Yes, I'm not a shuttin!
Narrator: Bailey grabs Yuki's hand and pulls her on the mat.
Bailey: Then lets dance.
Yuki: K.

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