The two different sisters

The two different sisters

These two sisters are so different, you wouldn't be able to tell they were related. Vampire Princess Yuki & former vampire Princess Bella are the sisters of the year. Yuki believes in the whole royal treatment. But Bella gave up that life to live a normal one. Yuki decides she's ready for a suitor on her 17th birthday. But after one year of seperation, the two sisters are reunited. But when Bella takes Yuki to a party, she falls in love with a sensei. Will Yuki marry or stay with Bailey.(A play)

Chapter 1

Scene 1

Setting: The Swan Castle in Massachusets.
Narrator: Yuki walks down the staircase to find her mother.
Anna-Mei(mom): Good morning Yuki. You're getting so old. You're almost 17!
Yuki: Yes, I know mother. I have decided my birthday gift.
Narrator: Yuki's dad, Charles, walks in the room
Charles: And what would that be Yuki?
Yuki: I want a suitor.
Anna: Are you sure darling?
Yuki: I'm absolutely positive.
Charles: Of coarse. I'll send an ad.
Narrator: Charles leaves the room.
Yuki: I'm going to get dressed.
Narrator: Yuki walks upstairs to her room.
(An hour passes)
Narrator: Yuki's twin sister, Bella, walks in front door. Yuki comes down stairs. Bella hugs Yuki.
Bella: Yuk, it's so great to see you!!!!
Yuki: Yes. A pleasure to see you again also Bella. Please don't call me Yuk. You know I prefer Yuki.
Bella: Oh, you're such a stick in the mud. Come'on! You're 16 years young. Have some fun! I love your dress.
Yuki: Yes, thank you. And you would have one too if you didn't run off to Pennsylvannia.
Bella: And I'm glad I did. Look at you! You used to be so much fun which is why I'm taking you to a party tonight.
Yuki: A what?!

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