Scary Stories

Hi guys! This is a chain story that I made. If you want, I can let you write a story, but here are the rules. 1. You have to write the story yourself. 2. No cussing/cursing in the stories. 3. No innappropriate things in the stories. 4. Please add a picture to your story. Please don't break any of the rules if you're going to write one. Thank you, enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Doll

Miranda rocked out as she listened to her favorite song on her iPod. "Daddy, are we almost there?" Susie whined. "Would you shut up? I'm trying to listen to music here!" Miranda said. "I wasn't talking to you Miranda!" Susie replied "Get out of my frickin face!" Miranda yelled back. A fight broke out between the two sisters. "Girls, cut it out! We're here!" the dad said. "Woah! This place is huge!" said Susie. The family got out of the car that they had been driving in for 3 hours. "This is it! Our new home!" the mom said cheerfully. "Hey kids! Want to hear the history of this house? In 1924, this house was built by-" "Can we go inside now? I'm hot." interrupted Miranda. The smile on the dad's face slowly faded, but he said "Um, sure.". Miranda ran up the huge wooden staircase and up to her new room. She immediately started plastering black snd red posters all over her walls. Miranda heard a knock at her door. "Sweetie? Can I come in?" It was her mom. "No." Miranda said as she plastered up a black poster that said "LEAVE ME ALONE" "Honey, let me in!" Miranda's mom laughed. Miranda rolled her eyes, sighed, then opened the door just a crack. "What?" She said. Her mom smiled and said "Sweetie, I bought you a present. You know, something to start your new room! " Miranda squinted at her mother suspiciously. There were about 20 seconds of awkward silence. Miranda snatched the box from her mother's hands and slammed the door shut. "You're welcome!" her mother yelled as she walked away. Miranda sat on her bed and studied the box. It was about 12 inches tall and about 4 inches wide. Maybe it's a new pair of converse, thought Miranda. She ripped off all of the wrapping paper and quickly opened the box. There, she saw a beautiful porcealin doll with skin white as snow. she had curly red hair and sparkling green eyes. Miranda sat there, dissapointed. She threw the doll on the floor and looked inside the box. Nothing. She turned it upside down and shook it. Nothing came out. Miranda was very upset. She grabbed the doll off of the floor by her hair and threw her out of the open window. CRASH! The doll shattered. Now, she was just shards of porcealin on he ground. Miranda spit on the broken doll and then closed the window and continued to decorate her room with posters. That night, Miranda went to bed. At midnight, she woke up. She stumbled out of bed and realized that it was suddenly really warm in the room. She walked over to the window and opened it. She was puzzled by what she saw. All of the bits and pieces of the porcealin doll were gone. She was sure that she had thrown the doll out of the window and it had shattered. She SAW the pieces on the ground. "I need a drink." Miranda said. The pieces were probably just covered by the grass. now that she had gotten herself all worked up for what seemed like nothing, she needed a glass of cool water to calm her down. Miranda rubbed her eyes and walked out of her room and downstairs. "Ouch!" yelled Miranda. Right at the foot of the stairs, there were a couple porcealin shards. Miranda had cut her foot on them. She washed off her foot in the sink and swept up the porcealin. Miranda walked over to the fridge to get a bottle of water. She stopped along the way. "Okay, what the heck is going on here?" Miranda mumbled to herself. There were MORE shards of porcealin on the floor in a different area. Miranda swept that up too. She finally got her bottle of water and headed upstairs with it. She saw a shadow leap across the stairs. Miranda was really freaked out now. She started going up the stars faster now, looking back to make sure that nothing was following her. "Miranda!" a sweet little voice called out. Miranda screamed as she got to the top of the staircase. There, she saw the porcealin doll that she had thrown out the window. It had one eye and it's body was broken in some places. It was standing, staring straight at Miranda, grinning. The doll ran up to Miranda and pushed her hard. Miranda screamed as she fell backward, falling onto the staircase. She cried in pain. Her body liply tumbled down the stairs in somersalts, flips, cartwheels, and every other possible way it could. She finally reached the bottom. Miranda lay on the ground, broken. Just like the doll that her mother had given her. Just like the doll that sat at the top of the staircase. Just like the doll hat had murdered Miranda Haddock.


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