Hey There Bella

Hey There Bella

Hey There Delilah, as a story. Bella moves to the city to live with her cousin, and Edward can't help but fall head over heels. Once they're together, it's nearly impossible for them to be apart, despite protests from his best friend.

Not mine, but enjoy :)

Chapter 1


by: jellybab
"Ed!" I heard Dev call out. "Hurry up and get inside, we've got a practice to start!" I dropped the drum from where it was in the backseat of Randy's obnoxious white van and turned to face Dev who was standing in the doorway with his hands on his hips, looking at me like I was an idiot.

"Dev, how the hell do you expect to start a band practice without the freaking instruments?" I watched his face blank as he thought about it for a moment. Then, realisation dawned across his features. He may not be bright, but the boy can sing. And, he's the better looking out of all of us, which is why he's our singer/frontman.

"I'll get Jack and Randy to help you..." he said quietly before stepping into the club's back entrance.

That's right you should go get some freaking help. I'm the lead guitar, why the hell am I bringing in Randy's stupid drum kit. Me and Jack should have it easy, he's got a bass, and me my guitar. Our amps stay here, so it's no trouble. Nick's piano stays here too, it's only Randy who's the problem, and then he leaves me to pick up his crap. I'm not the band aid, the caddy, whatever you want to call me.

I picked up a cymbal angrily and marched inside, my stomach boiling with anger. Randy and Jack passed me on the way to the door. I gave Randy a smile, though an angry one, and seriously considered tossing the stupid piece of metal through the window.

Inside was just as we left it; the dirty basement of an abandoned night club. Dev's father owned the place and lent it to us to practice in. Nick was sitting on his stool at his upright piano, raising a hand in a wave when I walked in, while Dev dug out his microphone from our box of equipment. I could hear footsteps and laughter upstairs.

"Who's here?" I asked the room, figuring I'd get an answer one way or another. Nick started poking a few low keys in an eerie melody, so Dev gave me the answer I wanted.

"Norah, Jas and Caroline are up there with Hunter and my cousin." Huh. What a list. Norah was with Nick, Jas with Jack, Caroline with Randy, and, Hunter was Dev's boyfriend. They made a cute couple, even I agreed. "My cousin just moved into town, and she's like my little sister, so you better keep your perverted fingers off her, Mr. Lonely," Dev spat (a little comically) in my direction. I held up my hands in surrender.

"It's not me you have to worry about, man. She probably won't be able to keep her hands off me." Nick laughed loudly, hitting a wrong note and sending his nocturne to piano score heaven. I watched him quickly scribble down what he had just played before turning to address us.

"Dev, the man here seems to think he's one hot ticket," he smirked, taking a step towards us. "Obviously he needs to be taken down a notch. I believe that your cousin will shoot him down within the first five minutes." Dev looked about ready to take that bet, instead he turned to me.

"Don't. Touch. Her," he sneered, his face inches from mine, his finger jabbed against my nose. I smiled.

"I never said I would." Jack and Randy came back in holding a couple of drums each, which led me to thinking that they could handle the rest. I pulled out the two amps and began plugging in cords; to the wall, the amps, and our guitars. I left mine in a black leather wing chair and Jack's in the stand next to another chair. Then, I went to save Dev from a possible technical disaster while setting up the sound board.

As soon as we had all set up Randy gave a loud crash on his cymbal, telling us all to shut up and get ready. We let Dev pick out a song, a newer one Nick had written a little while ago called 'Stargazing'. It was a pretty good song too, I'll admit. One of Nick's best. I was happy to see that he'd given himself a good part. Whenever one of the other guys wrote a song the piano was forgotten until Nick improvised something.

At the first bridge of the song I saw people walking down the staircase into our small green room. Which wasn't green. Just like any other green room I'd ever seen. Going on the fact that the first girl was a complete stranger and I recognized everyone else behind her, I was guessing she was Dev's cousin.

I wish I hadn't been told to keep my hands off her.

To start off, she's pretty. Very pretty, a classic, natural pretty. Her hair was tied in two sloppy pig-tails that hung limply on her shoulders, waving down over her blue tee shirt. She was wearing a brown corduroy skirt that curled above her knees, and a pair of black spandex underneath. I smiled at the flat blue Keds on her feet as she hopped onto the railing next to the staircase. She wore a patterned scarf around her neck and a few bracelets on each arm.

I couldn't help but stare at her hand curling around the pole she was leaning against. I really hate when people are described to a tee in a book, and I feel sort of ashamed about doing it here, but I had to, really. I had this girls' face memorised the very first moment I saw her, so it's essential that everyone realise how... pretty she was.

I'd been staring at her so long that when I suddenly snapped back into reality my stomach jumped that I hadn't messed up any of the song yet. So, when I leaned into my microphone to back up Dev I was pretty confident I'd make it through. But... I glanced over to his cousin while I sang and I saw her give a small smile, which made me smile, which made my fingers forget how to function.

So, I fvcked up. And then Dev stopped everyone.

"Ed?" he asked when there was quiet. My hands were clutched tightly onto the guitar (Eleanor Rigby, I like to call her.) and I knew he was waiting for an answer.

"I guess... I still don't know it?" I tried. Dev rolled his eyes and sighed, stomping out towards Hunter. Nick looked at me curiously. Aside from him, I was the fastest learner when it came to music.

"Don't look at me that way," I called. "It's all because you expect so freaking much from me. I can't help it that you write me complicated parts because you know I'm so good." Nick grinned and stood up, faking a kick at Eleanor.

"I guess this is a break, Dev?" Jack called. Dev was busy sucking face with Hunter, so we took that as a yes. I watched the boys migrate towards their designated females, and noticed that no one took a step towards Dev's cousin, to introduce her, or to include her.

Me being the loner, I felt a need to bring her in.

When I walked up to her she was staring around at the room. I supposed that, to someone unaccustomed to our room they might find it a bit strange. There was a large and rather loud rug across the entire room. It was all reds and golds and amazingly patterned that I sometimes couldn't even tell what was there. I still can't, sort of...

The walls were all a dark wood paneling, covered in pieces of fabrics and scarves and old tee shirts, band posters, our posters, notes to each other. The staircase was dull and wooden, just sitting there to one corner of the room. There was that small wall along it that Miss Cousin was taking up. We had one large, old, cushy couch across from our playing stage, a few bean bags and the wing chairs which threw off the entire look of the room and confused everyone greatly.

I liked them, though. I liked the whole, entire randomness of it all. I liked seeing all my friends here, playing together, and just hanging out whenever they felt the need to (there was a mini fridge next to the couch that they kept well stocked).

"Hey," I said bluntly while standing in front of pretty cousin. And at first my brain thought that that was where we were leaving it, since for some reason I didn't speak right away afterwards. I watched her avert her gaze from the ceiling (painted black with random stars and words and names all over it) to look at me. Wow... those eyes...

"I'm Edward," my mouth eventually said. Thank you, idiot body. She smiled and held out a hand.

"I'm Bella, Dev's cousin," she said. I nodded and shoved my hands into my pockets immediately after touching her. God knows what my hands might have done if they were left alone in the open.

"Yeah, he said you were coming to practice," I said, trying to sound casual. "I can't believe you'd even want to watch this band..." Bella laughed then, a beautiful, light, musical sound.

"I've always really admired Devin, so I jumped at the chance to see him in a band. You guys are actually pretty good!" It was a compliment, I was taking it. "I mean, I was a little apprehensive when he said your name was 'Portable Porcelain'." I nodded, shifting my weight to keep from shaking from nerves.

"Yeah... Dev came up with that one," I explained. "He claims to have gotten it from a band name generator, which I believe. The other choices were 'Porcelain Coconut' and 'Picture of the Godless Foreheads'." Bella laughed louder then, more comfortably. I smiled as I watched her face light up.

"It's alright. It's better than some of the things he came up with a few years ago..." I nodded. I knew completely what he was capable of.

"He was dead set on the name being 'Dev and the Devine's' for a while there..." Bella nodded knowingly.

"He tried that one out with me before. Along with 'The Fvck-offs' and 'Bad Morning Breath'." I cringed. Like I said, the boy wasn't bright.

"Where are you from, anyway," I asked. "I mean, I can't imagine anyone moving here by choice." She smiled and straightened up.

"I'm from Phoenix, but after my mom got remarried I moved out here to live with my uncle. Dev's the closest to me in my family, and I want to get to spend time with him before you guys turn famous... or something." I laughed again. Us being famous was way out of the question.

"Ed," I heard Dev say, right next to my ear. I jumped, thankfully without screaming, and smacked his face away from mine. "We're practicing again. Get your tongue back in your mouth and get to your guitar."

"The next time you creep up on me like that I'll gouge out your pretty little eyes." Bella looked amused and Dev only put his hands akimbo and smiled.

"Tsk tsk, threats won't get you anywhere!" I grumbled some very bad words under my breath as I pushed past him to pick up my guitar.

Norah, Hunter and the other two all left through the back door before we could start playing. They all had to work the next day and needed a head start on sleeping. Bella moved a beanbag directly in front of us and plopped down. We finished 'Stargazing' and then Dev wanted to play one of our older songs for Bella, since we actually knew them.

She was smiling through our stereotypical love song. Dev was giving it all he had and Nick was gracefully bashing away at the piano. I mostly tried to stare at Eleanor, since I thought that I might mess up if I looked at Bella. But every time I looked up to sing my eyes met hers and she smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile through most of the performance.

When we finished I broke into a solo I decided to play on the spot, as a joke. Unfortunately for me, Randy came in, improvising on his kit, then Jack and Nick joined in as well. I was nervous. Bella was watching me, and I grinned at her as I continued to make up anything that would go well with what the others were playing.

I was stunned when Dev stepped up and recited lines I'd never heard. We were going to write this freaking song down. I turned and gave a look to the other boys to let them know I was ending the song, and we all went into a key change, making up the best ending we'd ever heard in a song.

Bella clapped when we finished, but every one of us threw down our instruments and ran to find paper to write what we had played. I heard her giggle as I furiously tried to remember, grabbing Eleanor to play bits of the song. It was what all the others were doing.

"How's it going?" Bella asked me quietly after a few moments. I turned my head up to look at her, surprised to find her leaning in over the music, her hair falling down in a cascade. My breath hitched in my throat.

"Ah, okay. We just made up that song off the top of our heads; I think I've got most of it now." She smiled and sat on the arm of my chair.

"Is that how you usually go about writing songs?" she questioned.

I answered no. "Most of the time we'll write something on our own, get together and make it fit, or we'll work from Nick and Dev's lyrics. Nick does a lot of the work. But there are times when things like tonight happen."

I set Eleanor in her stand before leaning back far into the chair and looking at the music in my hand. I felt a smile creep onto my lips as I realised, that this was actually pretty decent. Dev walked by then, holding his messily scrawled lyrics.

He also smacked his cousin with his hip, causing Bella to lose her balance and fall straight into my lap.

I gasped, only a little, and my insides twisted and churned when she landed on me. I could smell her hair, and she had one hand on my chest. She was yelling at Dev for being such an ass, while I was just staring at the way her eyelashes and mouth moved.

She looked so beautiful.

I think it took a moment to set in just exactly where she was situated. Then, she blushed a lovely crimson and scrambled to get onto her feet.

"S-sorry, Edward," she mumbled. "Dev's a real asshole most times."

I chuckled and nodded. "I know, I really really do."

We all sat around, pulling out drinks and starting the coffee maker. This was usually how we ended the night. Early in the morning. Hopping up on caffeine and then trying to crash once we got back to our apartments.

I picked my Spongebob Square-Pants thermos from the top of the fridge and poured in the hot tea I'd just made. This was my favourite 'glass', if you wanted to call it that. Mainly because Spongebob, Sandy and Patrick are rocking out with their own band, Jellyfish Jam.

Jack popped in a Patrick Wolf CD and we began any conversation we could find.

"What are you doing in the city in autumn?" I asked Bella. It was close to Halloween, a strange time to move.

"I'm taking my senior year of university here," she said, without smiling. "I wish I was finished. I'd much rather be hanging out with the band all the time than doing some of that junk."

"Your goal in life is to be a groupie to the shittiest up-and-coming band of the decade?"

Bella laughed again. Thrills went through me. "Yes, that is precisely what I said I wanted to be when I grew up." I smiled and didn't know what else to say, so I drank from my thermos.

"Best cup ever, by the way," Bella added, motioning towards Spongebob and the gang. I laughed short and loud.

"I agree completely. But I still sort of feel like I should be saying: Be cool, stay in school." I'd graduated with honours years back, but chose to stay out of university, at least until I knew this band was a complete waste of time. I'd taken some online courses anyway.

Bella rolled her eyes and jabbed my arm.

"Guys?" Jack asked after a moment on the phone with Jas. "Where's Dev?" We all sat up and glanced around the room. He was nowhere to be seen.

There was a note on a post-it stuck to Eleanor.

Hey dumbass. I had to go out with Hunter, be a doll and bring young Isabella home? It'd be muchly appreciated. KTHNXBYE.

I smirked and showed the note to the others. Bella's cheeks flushed slightly.

"It's about... 2am, and I'm pretty sure you have school in the morning. Let's get going." Bella pouted, but grabbed her sweater all the same. I picked up Eleanor and placed her back in her case before pulling on my own brown corduroy jacket and strapping her to my back.

I waited by the door, hands in my pockets, as everyone said goodbye to Bella, and reassured me that the place would be locked up.

Bella and I stepped into the sharp fall night, both shuddering against the breeze. "Dev doesn't live too far from here, right?" Bella asked.

I shook my head. "Only a couple blocks. My apartment building is right next door." We walked in silence, not even for a block before Bella spoke up again.

"I noticed that everyone was paired up tonight. Where was yours?" Hah. Here's what I'd like to say. Something cheesy like: standing right next to me.

"Strapped to my back," is what I actually said. "Eleanor Rigby there is the only lady in my life." Bella giggled and I smiled down at her.

"She's a good woman," Bella decided. I agreed. "I'm guessing Dev said something to you tonight, you were pretty nervous to talk to me."

"I'm not usually nervous to talk to anyone. But it's something different with you. That, and Dev threatened me." Bella's eyes widened.

"What do you mean?"

"He thought I might try to hit on you, since everyone else doesn't need to worry about flirting, so he warned me that if I tried anything he'd break all my fingers, and so on." Bella paled, and looked like she wanted laugh, but also seemed too angry to laugh.

"He shouldn't have said that," she whispered when we turned onto our street. I looked over to her. Her face was glowing in the orange streetlight and her breath was puffing into the cold like little clouds.

"What do you mean?" I asked, pretty thoroughly confused now.

"I wouldn't have minded if you hit on me, I mean." Holy heart beating way too fast to survive, Batman. "It was unnecessary for him to threaten you like that. Especially your fingers. You kind of need them to play Eleanor. Which sounds only a little dirty." I laughed louder then.

"That much is true. There are many occasions when Eleanor is mentioned and it's been taken the wrong way." Bella giggled again, tightening her arms around herself from the cold.

"This is you," I said in front of Dev's building. "Mine is right across the street." Which was pretty stupid, if you asked me. But this whole street looked like apartment buildings to begin with. "I still think you're crazy for deciding to live with Dev on your own. I hope he gets you up in time for school."

Bella smiled at me, it looked gorgeous. "I'm sure I'll manage. Besides, Dev assured me that anything Rated R would be done at Hunters' place, and that he'd try not to make too much noise when he was loaded."

"If it ever happens, come over to my place. Dev can get pretty rowdy, and I'm almost always sober." Bella nodded and looked back up at the building, where the light to Dev's living room was glowing onto the pavement.

"Thank you very much for bringing me home, Edward," she whispered, taking a step towards me.

"It was no problem at all," I assured her. "I'm always heading this way, and I'd be glad to walk with you anytime. Just let me know." Bella smiled and nodded.

Then, and I swear the clouds parted, light shone through and a chorus of angels could be heard, she stepped up onto the tips of her toes and kissed my cheek softly. And then turned and went inside quickly.

I stood there for a moment, completely dazed due to the burning on my cheek from her touch. It was minutes before I turned and walked to my own building, my mouth still hanging open.

What the hell was that going to be like if she ever kissed my mouth?

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