Two Worlds Collide

Two Worlds Collide

Written by the amazing Alvatar, and myself, this is a story about two humans who end up in a strange world where two tribes people happen to discover them.

It will have various sorts of fantasy style creatures and maybe a sci-fi, action and romantic feel to it at various times. But we'll just see as it goes along.

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Hunter and The Scholar

Thursday 28th June, 2019... 13:16pm

Satomi Lida stood upon a sandy dune, the sun's intense rays dancing across her tanned russet skin. She held a hand carved flute to her mouth. Licking her dry, cracked lips she placed them around the mouth piece, blowing air into the oak elongated tube. She covered the small holes accordingly, causing a haunting melody to drift down to the small tribe in the valley below.
Satomi felt a presence behind her but kept her steel grey eyes focused on the people far beneath her. The hot sand under her bare feet seemed to wriggle and writhe between her toes. She took in every sensation, pursuing her inner tranquillity.
A rough skinned hand was placed down softly on Satomi's shoulder as if the intruder was afraid of breaking her; but she was anything but fragile.
"Satomi, it is time." A young man, whom had recently turned 18, spoke in an almost apologetic tone.
"I don't wish to join them." Satomi replied; her light voice was tinged with annoyance. She shrugged off his hand before turning to face the man that towered over her at a lofty 6'4", which was actually not that strange for the men in her tribe. Satomi was only 5'3" and her athletic frame looked tiny compared to the muscular young male before her.
"You know you must, it is to celebrate your turning of 18... Your father sent me as he knew that I would choose you for the upcoming task." The man that spoke was Alejandro, a skilled hunter and a real gentleman, but he had never been good at talking to women, and Satomi was a hard one to please.
The wind blew Satomi's hip length copper hair flailing behind her as she shoved her flute into a small leather satchel at her side. Her bear-hide dress ended just below the knees and highlighted her natural beauty, which she neither tried to display nor hide.
Alejandro too was a man blessed with good looks: eyes as dark as charcoal, hair as black as the midnight sky which hung to his shoulder blades. His brown skin and toned body was clothed only by an animal skin that was wrapped around his waist, his neck adorned with a variety of necklaces made from teeth and nails of the creatures he had hunted. The only imperfection he possessed was a large scar that trailed across his chest, from when a wolf had gotten the better of him.
"You should know that of all people, I would be the least wilful to go on this journey. I do not want to be a scholar... Can't you leave me be?" She pleaded with him, walking away from the tribe, further into the barren desert.
"Please Satomi, at least walk with me to-"
"To the tribe? Where they will send us all off to get killed? I'd rather not." She interrupted as he followed, not caring in the least for Alejandro's feelings.
Alejandro felt down hearted, he really had felt hope for Satomi. So what if she had always been one to explore by herself and stay in tune with her surroundings more than other people? He just thought that would make her more suitable to accompany him... But maybe she was just too stubborn.

Every forty years, when the last Chief Hunter and Chief Scholar have grown older and gotten tired, it is time for them to be replaced so that they may retire. Three groups are devised, each one containing a male and a female, the Hunter and the Scholar, although the Hunter gets to chose his Scholar. Each group is then given a seeming impossible task, but the first couple to complete it get to be the next Chiefs of their skill. The Chief Hunter and Scholar are required to remain close throughout their lives although they do not require to become partners. The only condition for this tradition is that the participants, that are chosen when they are seventeen, can not leave until everyone one of them has reached their eighteenth birthday.
Satomi was the only one left, so now that it was her birthday, it was time for the journey to begin.

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