Protective Love (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

Protective Love (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

To inform you this is A Fred Weasley Love Story.
A muggle-born girl that went through everything with her three best friends. While there on there mission to destory the horcurxes, Ella the girl has to chose to protect the person she loves.
Warning: I am not the best writer ever but I'm trying my best.

Chapter 1

The Arrival Surprise

by: Together_
As I arrived at the Burrow usually all my worries lifted but not so much any more.
Ever since Voldemort has been back nothing has been the same, except one thing- Ella, I heard my name shouted I could tell who it was as soon as I heard his voice, Fred Weasley.
He was the love of my life and has been since my third year.
He lifted me into the air and kissed me.
He grabbed my bags and we went straight towards the house.
I went through the door and was given a big hug from George.
"Well hello, George.", I said, walking over to give Mrs. Weasley a hug.
"Ella dear I really hope you don't go with them tommorrow to get Harry it'll be dangerous.", Mrs. Weasley said.
"I want to go Mrs. Weasley, I need some action to spice up my summer.", I said smiling helping her with the pies she was making tonight for my arrival.
"Where's Hermione?", I asked after putting the last pie in the oven.
"She's not here yet.", said Ron coming down the stairs.
I started to talk but Ginny one of my best friends came and pulled me up the stairs to her room.
"What is it Ginny?", I asked.
"Ok, you really love Fred right?", she said.
"Of course, more than anything else!"
"Well he's going to surprise you and I know how you don't like surprises, but I just can't tell you!" she said.
I thought and wondered for a minuete, I had not a clue of what he was going to do, and that thought very much frustrated me.
I gave Ginny my tell me look and she just shook her head and walked out of the room back downstairs.
I got up to leave also but was pushed out of the way by Fleur Bill's soon to be wife.
I never really liked her but since Bill loves her, Fred told me to deal with it.
I soon found my way into Fred and George's room where I found Fred.
I walked in and sat on the bed beside him.
He looked at me and said, "I love you, Ella."
I replied the same thing back to him and we kissed for a long moment.
Then he got something out of his pocket, from what I seen it looked as if it was a case to hold a ring and it was.
Fred got on his knees and said the words Ella Moniae , "Will you marry me?"
"Fred, yes!", I said starting to kiss him. He lifted me into the air and twirled me.
I was so excited I started crying.
"Ella your crying.", he said wiping my tears out of my eyes.
Fred! We have so much to pla-- he kissed me hard.
"Mum has it all planed out already go talk to her if you must.", he said kissing me as I ran out the door downstairs. I ran all the way down and ran into George. "I see you have found out.", he said. "Mrs. Weasley tell me everything you got planned.", I shouted.
"Oh dear, let me see the ring.", she said running over to me.
"Do you like?", she asked.
"I love it!", I said.
We sat down at table.
"Ok, now the date I had in mind is May 2nd 1998.", she said.
"We could have it here if you'd like, and the bridesmaids?", she asked.
"It all sounds great!", I replied.
"I'll go through this all to night with Fred.", I said.
"And Mrs.Weasley I won't go tommorrow to get Harry since you are worried.", I said.
"Thank you dear.", she said.

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