Truth, Dare or Chicken-Harry Potter.

Truth, Dare or Chicken is a fun game we played at my old school(the school with boys, not the all girls school), read and comment and stuff.

Chapter 1


by: Teagzi
One fine Autum day, the hogwarts express was going to hogwarts.

On the train were two super cool OCs, that had every super power that has ever been thought of and do everything swexily, their names were Dabria and Banni.

Banni was very swexy and had long blonde hair and a light tan her Metamorphmagus is a blue flower, she is good at maths, Banni was wearing Tight white jeans and a flowery top. Dabria is short, has waist length chocolate brown hiar and was pale because she is a sparkly vampire and is good at science. Dabria was wearing a short blue minidress that a normal person would wear when they went out clubbing, not on a train to schhol, but Dabria is extra amazing and different.

Banni and Dabria strutted swexily down the train to look for their best friends Harry, Ron and Hermione. As the walked the were greet cheerfully by everyone, because they are fantastic and nobody hates them, except for Cho who is jealous of their prettiness.

Our heros, Banni and Dabria, found their best friends in a compartment with Lavender, Neville, Colin, Fred, George, Parvati, Seamus, Dean, Luna and Ginny, isn't that a lot of people in one compartment?

It was silent, even though there was 15 people in the compartment and our very swexy OC Dabria had an amazing idea, "Let's play Truth, Dare or Chicken!!" she exclaimed in her swexy voice.
"What's truth dare or chicken?" Ron asked stupidly.

"Haha," Banni laughed obnoxiously, "Silly Ron, Truth, Dare or Chicken is the best game ever!! It's really a lot of fun! I'll start. I'll ask another person in this compartment to choose either truth or dare. If they choose truth, I'll ask them a personal question, and they have to answer truthfully. If you choose dare, I have to think of something for them to do. You can also choose chicken, if you're too scared to do what the other person says. Every-time you say chicken you have to remove one article of clothing, it is so fun! Muggles play it a lot!! Okay so Hermione Truth or Dare?"

AN:If you hadn't noticed this is a joke, I'm not being serious:)

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