On the Reserve: Dragon Keeper's Guide

A little something I decided to do for all the witches and wizards out there who want to have a career in dragon keeping.... And Hagrid, of course.

Chapter 1


As any good student knows, dragons are considered highly dangerous and their eggs are defined as Class A Non-Tradeable Goods. This has been established by the Ministry of Magic for a reason.

In the chapters of this book, for lack of a better word, I will cover all aspects of being a dragon keeper, from the dragons themselves to what we do to keep safe on the job. It is all written from experience. If you don't like it... get over it. I won't tone this down for the weak of heart.

So, sit back and enjoy.

Also, if I catch anyone with illegal dragon products (Dung!), I will not hesitate to make the Ministry's punishment look like child's play.

Peace, love, dragons!


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