i doomed humanity

yes i got the title from halo this story is about a the marines and the remaning humans fighting an alien race.the marines are being ordered to secture the city for base constution but they notice as they go in the city anything powered by energy shuts down while inside the barrier george then is told to take point and suddenly george blacks out the aliens are coming they are told by prophet to retreat they go back the next day and george was gone nothing was were he laid

Chapter 1

summary is up top

ok so every time i post an episode of it there will be a flash back of the 13 days(got the 13 days idea from final fantasy 13)these flash back will include 3 parts to them prophet remembers his little girl and his wife but no one remembers them he remember captain banks meeting her on day 6 but now prophet has found out why they don't remember there not his teammates there aliens

there won't be sigh ups because of 3 reasons
1.i got people complaining they were playing as human and are now aliens and sent hate mail
2.i got this reply a lot of times dude i got killed and wtf was stupid prophet doing he could have saved me and him
3.and ohh this ones good prophet better save me or im going to kill you(oh really)


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