Love Song

Love Song

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Chapter 1


I was late for school. Again. The seventh time this month. I walked calmly, not even checking in for school to show I was late. I ducked into the bathroom and touched my swollen, purplish eye. I carefully smoothed more make-up onto it, trying to make it look slightly normal. No such luck. I tossed my head, my wine-red hair smoothly covering the bruise.

I walked out of the bathroom just as 1st period ended, pulling my hood up so my teacher wouldn't find me as easily. I wove through the crowd, quickly making it to my music class. My instructor was waiting for me outside the door. His eyes landed on me and watched as I slipped past a group of extremely pretty blonde bombshells with matching outfits and manicures.

He caught my arm as I tired to get past him. I looked down, studying my battered and drawn on high-top Chuck Taylors as the outcasts and stoners trickled into their various classes. Someone touched my shoulder and I looked up to see Adrian, my oldest brother, smirking at me. He tapped his chest, right over his heart, twice and walked across the hall into his class.


I jumped guilitily, and slowly turned to look at my favorite teacher. "Y-yes, Mr.Donahue?" I choked out, knowing he already knew.

He moved my hair out of my face, studying my bruised face. His eyes went to the finger prints on my neck to the long sleeves. He slowly shook his head and said with lazy disapproval, "Party weekend?"

I nodded and he sighed. His eyes went over my shoulder, his face unreadable. I looked back, my hair swishing in my face, and saw Adrian and his girlfriend, Alana, watching us. She smiled sadly, her eyes pitying me, my sorry life, my sorry exsistance. I looked away quickly, dropping my head so no one could see my face. Just my shape in my shredded skinny jeans and a huge black hoodie that went almost down to my knees with firey red hair down to where my belly button would be, if anyone could see it.

"Com'n, Ranielle. Time to teach you the basics of 'Enter the Sandman'."

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