My Life in A Naruto High School! (Naruto Story, Read Da Intro!)

My Life in A Naruto High School! (Naruto Story, Read Da Intro!)

This story is altered! No one knows why Itachi REALLY killed his clan yet, so he’s still lying about it. Sasuke was never bit by Orochimaru, so he never ditched Konaha, and so he never went after Itachi. Naruto hasn’t fought Pein, so Konaha was NEVER destroyed. And none of the Akatsuki members have been killed. Ino’s the classical popular mean girl in school. Bad words are spelled WRONG on PURPOSE! Yuki ls the girl in the picture above. And yes, I did use flash step from the anime Bleach.

Chapter 3

Fan boys?!?!?

by: ExShinobi

Next Day At School; Classroom

I sit down by the window, everyone whispering and pointing at me. I sigh and stare out the window. Hinata comes in the classroom and sits by me, smiling. I look away from the window.

"What’s up?" I ask, ignoring the look of surprise on everyone’s face.
"I missed history today, so my AP class teacher said I could come in and listen." She said smiling. I smile back, super glad. Sasuke sits behind me and Hinata. I woman with blue medium hair, a white paper rose in her hair, and a stud in her lip walks through the door over to the teachers desk.

"I'll be your substitute teacher for a while." She says, walking to the board. "My name is Konan. So call me Konan or Konan-sansei." She says, looking at me.


I take out my lunch box and open it, pulling my chop sticks apart. Rice and lemon chicken I think, taking a bite of rice.

"Why does your lunch have to be so boring?" Asks Hinata. I look at Hinata's lunch. Beef and rice noodle salad with two egg rolls. I scowl.
"I don't know." I say, continuing to my boring food. Someone slaps there hand on my desk, making my lunch spill on the floor. Who the... I think looking up. Ino. Everyone starts to laugh.

"Oops, lost your food did ya?" She asks smiling, people laughing. Everyone but me, Hinata, and Sasuke. I look out the window for a second and sigh, turning back to Ino. I stand up and lean over my desk, getting closer to her. I grab the collar of her shirt and pull her towards me. My mouth by her ear.

"I'll make you eat it Yamanaka, In front of everyone. Then we'll see whose smiling, me... or you." I say, in my famous deadly tone. I pull away so I can see her. Her face pale, and scared. I let go of her collar. I sigh and look at everyone staring at what happened, what I’ll do next. I put my hands in my pockets and walk away from Ino, my food, from what just happened. As I walk by, People run as far away as possible, huddled together on the far wall. I stop and look at them. I smile my dangerous smile again, but I mix in some real smile with it. I walk out of the classroom with everyone’s eyes, on me.

I walk down the halls and sit down on the floor. I stare at the wall, and close my eyes. My stomach growls, I hear laughing. I open my eyes and see Sasuke there, holding out his lunch box.
"You hungry?" He asks. I shake my head. He laughs. "Right, you can have mine, I'm not hungry." He says.
"Yeah, Ino's face will do that to ya." I say. He laughs and sits beside me, putting his lunch box on my lap. I look at the lunch box, and then to him.
"Thanks." I say, starting to eat.
"So what's up with you and Ino?" He asks casually. I thought back. Bingo! I remember! I think triumphantly.
"Remember when we were in the academy, before we got our teams?" I ask. He nods. "Me and you got paired up. And Ino got super jealous because she didn't get paired with you."
"Ooooh" He said. "That makes sense."
"Yup." I say
"Who'd she get paired with?" He asks, looking at me. I crack a smile.
"Sakura. "I say and we both laugh. "Now that I think about it... all the girls glared at me when we were paired up." I say, frowning thoughtfully. "You have a whole lotta fan girl's." I say laughing. He laughs too.
"You're not a fan girl, though." He says.
"Got that right." I say, staring at the wall and laughing
"I'm not the only one who has fans though. "He says. "You have fan boys."
I stop laughing and look at him.
"Your joking... right?" I ask.
"Nope." He says, grinning.
"Ha, why would I have any fans." I say, staring at the wall and closing my eyes.
"Because EVERY guy likes a badass girl." He says. I snort.
"Every guy? Funny one, comrade." I say.
"I'm not kidding, I like a badass girl." He says slowly.
"Good luck finding one. "I say, my eyes still closed.
"I've already found one." He whispers. The bell rings.
"Class is gonna start." I say opening my eyes. Sasuke gets up and holds a hand out for me. I grab it and he pulls me up a little too hard. I stumble foreword. He catches me, my body pressed to his. I quickly take a couple steps back.
"Sorry." We both say at the same time, and we start to laugh.

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