My Life in A Naruto High School! (Naruto Story, Read Da Intro!)

My Life in A Naruto High School! (Naruto Story, Read Da Intro!)

This story is altered! No one knows why Itachi REALLY killed his clan yet, so he’s still lying about it. Sasuke was never bit by Orochimaru, so he never ditched Konaha, and so he never went after Itachi. Naruto hasn’t fought Pein, so Konaha was NEVER destroyed. And none of the Akatsuki members have been killed. Ino’s the classical popular mean girl in school. Bad words are spelled WRONG on PURPOSE! Yuki ls the girl in the picture above. And yes, I did use flash step from the anime Bleach.

Chapter 2

Who I'm Written Off As...

by: ExShinobi

Flashback/Dream. 10 years back

"Mommy! Daddy!" 7 year old me yells. Bodies, blood.... I run as fast as I can to my burning house, trying to find mommy and daddy. I trip, I look at what I tripped over, it was an arm. I scream and get scramble up running even faster, trying to find them. Mommy... Daddy.
I open the door to my house just as a man with black hair tied in a pony tail, and red eyes stab my parents in the heart...

"Mommy!! Daddy!!" I scream running to them. Just before I made it I was pushed into the wall by the man. I stared into the cold dead eyes of Uchiha Itachi.

"Itachi?" I ask, my voice a whisper. I couldn't believe it was Itachi.
"Is Mommy and Daddy ok?!? Why did you kill my clan?!?!?" I scream crying.
"They got in my way." He says looking me straight in the eyes. I couldn't look away, I wanted to know why he hasn't killed me yet.
"Then kill me." I say trying not to cry, trying to be brave for Mommy and Daddy. He smiles, a cruel, heartless, smile.
"I'm not going to kill you, I'm going to leave you with a reminder of what happened. Daseke means alone, so be alone Yuki Daseke." He says, stabbing me in the stomach with his kunai.

I wake up sweating, and crying. I look at the clock. 7 Am. "DANG!!!" I yell, realizing I’m late for school. I take a shower, get dressed, and fly out of the door of my small lonely apartment.

At School

I walk down the hall people cringing away from me as I walk by, just the usual. I sit in my usual place, staring out the window while the teacher drowns on about god knows what. I shiver Oh god, not now! I think, panicking. I bolt up straight in my seat. I can feel Sasuke's eyes burning a hole in my head, watching me. I wave my hand wildly, trying to get the teachers attention.

"Yes Yuki?" The teacher asked, genuinely surprised since I never raise my hand in class.
"Can I get some fresh air?!? NOW?!?" I practically yell.
"Y-yeah, sure." The teacher says, probably disappointed that I hadn't been interested in... well whatever he was talking about. I bolt out of the classroom, everyone getting away from me quick.

I run outside falling on my knees and doubling over coughing. Blood spilled out of my mouth like a drank the Mississippi River, and the River didn't want to be drank. My eyes go blurry, and I black out.

Someplace, you'll find out

I open my eyes. I look around; I'm laying on a king sized bed. Blood's all over my clothes. My eyes close, and I fall back to sleep.

"Daseke means alone, so be alone Yuki Daseke." Itachi's kunai stabbing me in the stomach, me looking at me Mommy and Daddy's bodies, and then... nothing.

I scream, sitting up and putting my hand on the scar on my stomach, the one Itachi gave me. It burns. Hot tears spill down my face, as I scream, wishing it would stop burning.

"What’s wrong?!? It's ok! It's ok!" Someone says sitting beside me and hugging me close.
"It burns." I moan, I want it to stop. The burning slowly stops, and I finally relax into the persons arms. Wait! arms?!?. I look up and see Tenten. I smile, grateful it was her and not someone else. She looks calm, and worried.

"What was that? And are you alright!!!" She yells. I look at her and put on my best 'It's no big deal!' look.

"Thanks. It's alright, except my scar burning is a new one." I say. I get off the bed.
"Maybe you should get it checked out by Lady Tsunade." Tenten suggests. I think for a minute.
"You think I should? I mean it's no big deal, so I probably shouldn't." I say hoping to get out of it.
"You are going, even if I have to drag you!" She says, threatening me. I sigh.
"Fine." I say getting of the bed and walking to the front door. I open it. I turn around and look at Tenten.

"Thank you Tenten." I say. She smiles.
"Me and Hinata got your back." She says. I sigh in relief, and we hug.
"SEE YA TOMORROW!!!!!" Tenten yells really loud, waving like any crazy best friend should.
"KAY!!!" I yell back, really loud, laughing.

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