The World-wide Web Says Soul Mates... (Love Story With My Best Friend)

My name's Saffire. I'm 13. My friend Alex drags me to a party... but i never knew this would end up happening in the same night!

Chapter 1

The Party

by: Kay13
My friend made me come to this stupid party because she said Lady Gaga would be there. who cares about her? Of course Alex has to. It's not like I dont like her music, but i don't want to meet her.
But she dragged me along anyway wearing a blue sparkly dress ( and a belt of course!). But she bought me the dress if I'd go with her, so fine I went. UGH.
So we walked in, (how did we get invited?) and saw Lady Gaga talking to Beonce like it was no big deal.
"Oh my god!" Alex screamed.
Lady Gaga turned around and ran up to Alex and gave her a HUGE hug.
"This must be Saffire?" asked Gaga.
"Yes! It's so good to see you mom!" said Alex.
"Holy cow! Wait, Lady Gaga is your mom Alex?" I asked.
"Uh yea... it was a surprise!" said Alex.
"Oh my god! it's amazing!" I screamed.
"Well sorry girls, but I'm consulting a new song with Beonce, so I gotta go, but have fun!" said Gaga.
So we walked around for awhile, then we stepped around and sat down on the front porch.
It was Jake, my all-time best friend. we were irseperable. That's why I didn't want to go, because Jake couldn't.
"Oh my gosh Jake! I thought you couldn't come!"
"I got a text from Lady Gaga this afternoon, inviting me to come."
"No way!"
I gave Alex a huge hug and jumped up and down, then ran and tackled Jake with a hug. He chuckled, but totally hugged back. He said,
"Love you too sis."
"Mmm." I said, my cheek on his shoulder.
Us three walked into the house, Jake and I arm in arm.

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