I'm A Boy! (Zuko love story)

My name's Natashi. I'm 16, and just ran from the Fire Nation, because I spoke up against my father's wishes. He was going to hurt me, so I ran. I can bend fire, so fitting in with the other nations will be hard. But as long as I don't bend and change my name, I should be good. Atleast for now.

Chapter 1

Lee and Mooshi

by: Kay13
I've just cut my hair - short. I ran from the Fire Nation a few days ago. I figured it would be harder for them to find me if I changed my appearance.
So here I am, looking like a boy. I put on a bandana - now I look like a convincing a boy.

I had just rested my head on a tree, when suddenly, I heard movement from behind me. What if it was the Fire Nation soldiers? What if they came to take me away?
I froze up. Please no, please no....
I heard talking.
'Uncle! I hate this!' 'Nephew please!'
They were fighting, well atleast the 'Nephew' was complaining.
Just as they passed the tree, the 'Uncle' looked and saw me.
"Hello son, what are you doing out here all alone?" he asked.
"I - I ran away."
"What's your name son?"
Son? Oh I look like a boy?
"Natashi - Natash, I mean."
"Hello Natash. I'm Mooshi, and this is my nephew, Lee."
Lee wasn't listening. He looked at me for a brief second when his uncle said his name, and then crossed his arms and turned around waiting for our conversation to end.
"It's nice to meet you both. I haven't seen anyone since I ran away."
"When was that son?"
"About a week ago, or less. It gets lonely. How about you guys, what are you doing out here?"
"We're going to Ba Sing Se. Care to join us?"
"I'd love to. Thank you sir."
While walking, Mooshi asked,
"Now son, when's the last time you ate?"
"Uh.... before I ran away?"
"Alright, well we don't have much, but we could have some tea, and wild berries."
"Sounds delicious."
"Good. You and Lee go find some berries. I'll start making some tea."

While looking for berries, I tried to make small talk with Lee.
"So... you're Lee?"
"You're not a boy." was his answer.
"What do you mean I'm 'not a boy'?"
"You're just not."
How does he know?

"Lee doesn't think I'm a boy." I told Mooshi later.
"I asked him what he ment and he said I'm 'just not'."
"I'll talk with him later."
I nodded and said,
"I'll sleep outside tonight. Goodnight."

Lee's P.O.V.

Natash is NOT a boy. It's easy to see she cut her hair, put in a bandana, and stole some boy clothes. I bet her name was Natashi. She said that, but corrected herself and said it was Natash. Simple explanation.
"So you think he's a girl Nephew?"
"She IS a girl. You know it too. she cut her hair, put it in a bandana, and stole some boy clothes. She almost said her real name too."
"And what's that?"
"Natashi. She said Natashi, then said Natash."
"Ah, so what now?"

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