A Moment Like This - A Marauder Story

A Moment Like This - A Marauder Story

Annaliese is in her senior years at Hogwarts with her brother and closest friends. Friendship and love are her strongest values, and it is in these years when she will need them most.

Disclaimer: This story does not belong to anybody else. It is not the property of anyone but I, Spri9, and it is not owned by any business, website, individual, or group other than I. Quibblo does not own any material or rights. All rights reserved to Spri9.
Original ideas credited to J.K. Rowling.

Chapter 1

Introducing Annaliese

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Remus and Sirius were cleaning out 12 Grimmauld Place in 1995 when they stumbled upon a photo.
"Hey look, it's us in seventh year." Sirius said happily.
"James and Lily, wow they look so in love. There's me, I look tired. Oh, it was taken a week after the full moon, I remember. There's you with your arm around Annaliese..." Remus stopped and looked at Sirius.

"Who's Annaliese?" Harry demanded.
"Don't worry..." Remus said but Sirius stopped him.
"It's fine.. let him know the truth. Annaliese was your father's sister." Sirius said.
"I never knew I had an aunt from my dad's side." Harry said.
"She was a lot like James. Quite a trouble-maker, but so sweet and pretty and..." Sirius stopped.

"Were you... did she...?" Ron began.
"Yes." Sirius said shortly. "We were great friends since first-year and I grew to love her. Of course James was surprised when I told him but he was good about it. We were engaged, right after we graduated." Sirius said.
"What happened to her?" Hermione asked softly.
"She was with James and Lily that night, when he came. When he killed James she fought hard. She fought like you did in the maze, Harry. She struggled against Voldemort's curse, she was so strong. In the end he won, and she died." Sirius said and a tear rolled down his cheek. Remus patted him on the back.

"Annaliese was an amazing girl. She excelled in school but was popular among the students for her personality and bravery. Sirius was mad with grief, he even tried to hunt Voldemort down himself." Remus said.
"In the end I turned on Pettigrew. He was the one that betrayed them all." Sirius said and wiped his eyes.

And so the story of Annaliese Potter began...

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