Pardon Me, But I Wouldn't Mind......(Twilight Love Story)

This is an idea me and im4evaandalways had this idea and we hope you like it:)
Its about this two sisters moving to La Push and making friends.....and maybe even more than that;)

Song For Story: Pardon Me-He Is We
I Wouldn't Mind-He Is We

Chapter 1

Meeting Ray Kallo

(/This chapter is so you can meet one of the main character of the story/)

Hi my name Is Ray Kallo and I'm 17 years old. I'm your typical teenage girl. I'm 5'5 and have long black curly hair. My eyes are deep blue like the ocean, and my skin is pretty tan. I don't have a swimsuit model body like my sister,but I'm proud of my skinny body. I love music and anything that has to do with music. I'm part Greek and part American. My dad is from Santorini, Greece, the most beautiful island in Greece. My mom is from Forks, Washington. I have an older sister, who I love her to death. She's my best friend, the one I can trust with anything. Well we used to live in Santorini but my mom and dad has some problems which lead to a divorce. My mom got full custody of us, and she decided to move back to America. She found a cheap place in La Push, Washington. The move was hard for both me and my sister but we made it through. A week passed and I met Nessie, we became close friends immediately. Which made living here easier. She soon introduced us to the guys. We all clicked and became close friends some more than others. Now its been a year and to tell you the truth my life couldn't get better than this.....or can it?

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