Goodbye for now!!!

Just some instructions for the ones who are planning to send a friend request and a good bye to my beloved friends on quibblo!!!! :)

Chapter 1

First part of vacations begin tomorrow!!! :)

by: Earia
So tomorrow am leaving! I will be gone for 5 days! I'll miss all of you so much! I have to change my settings and I will only receive text-messages! I'm really sorry about that but I won't be able to manage so many invitations and all after I return! Please forgive me!!! :(

Now if you are from the ones that read my profile and want to send me a friend request here is what you have do, I'll be glad to meet you better when I return! :)

1) Just send a text-message with the title Friend Request

When I come back I'll find you and send you a friend request! :)

So, bye bye talk to you in 5 days! Don't you dare forget me (jk) !!! Lol!!!

Love you all,

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