I'm a Mud-Blood. But, I'm also a Slytherin. (Harry Potter Love Story)

Name: Anne Duncan
Hair Color: Dark Brown and has Red underneath hair.
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Skin Tone: Tan-ish White With Dark Freckles.
Year: 4
Bio: Muggle Parents but finds out she's a witch and gets a Hogwarts letter. Her parents don't want her to go there. She goes anyway for the first year. But her parents pulled her out and put her in muggle school until year 4 came around. In year one she was a Gryffendor but she's getting placed under the sorting hat again...

Chapter 1

Meeting Friends

I'm finally back at Hogwarts. I only have one friend here. Hermione. I didn't really meet many people because I knew my parents would take me out at the end of the year. So might as well make friends now.
Hermione and I got situated in the compartment on the train and then finally sat down.
"So, how was Muggle School?" She asked.
"Petrifying!" I laughed.
She laughed along with me and then our door opened.
"Hermione! Glad to see you. All the compartments were full!" A Ginger guy said while sitting down. "Oh, and you are?" He said looking at me.
"Anne. I'm Anne Duncan. Who are you?" I asked.
"Ron, Ron Weasley." He said.
I should've known it was a Weasley. Red hair, and a Hand me down robe...
"Ronald. Where's Harry?" Hermione asked.
"Present!" A guy who I would've guessed was Harry.
Heh. I knew it was Harry. Who wouldn't know? He's the boy who lived.
"Hey, Harry!" Hermione said.
"Hey guys. Uhm... Who's this?" He said looking at me.
"I'm Anne. Anne Morgan. You must be the famous Harry Potter." I smiled.
He smiled back (How CUTE) "Yes, I am..."
"Well, look, someone's blushing..." Hermione said.
"I am not..." He muttered.
How cute... He IS blushing
I giggled and just started looking out the window.
Slowly I drifted to sleep.

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