Rider and Wizard (Draco Malfoy love story)

-Saffire Kay -Ruby Kay
10 years old Mother
Wizard and Dragon Rider (not yet though) Wizard, works in the muggle world
From Detroit, Michigan Is gifted with Dragons
Only child From Detroit, Michigan

Chapter 3

The Dragon

by: Kay13
I didn't sleep well that night. I drempt about my rock turning into Draco, and Draco turning into a dragon, and the dragon eating me.

I woke up, turning to my rock on my nightstand. But it wasn't a rock, it was a dragon! I was about to scream, but thought better of it. It looked at me curiously. It stepped onto my bed slowly, and rubbed it's head against my left hand.I screamed, pulling my hand away. It felt like it burned me, and gave me a scar! Oh my god! It left a crescent-shaped scar. What the hell?
My mom ran into my room.
"Honey, wh... Ahh! Dragon!"
She stood still, looking at the dragon, as it pushed against my hand.
"Tell me everything sweetheart."
I told her about buying the stone, putting it in my pocket, and about the scar and sensation it gave me just now.
"Well honey, by the look of that scar, I can only say one thing. You're a dragon rider."
"A what?"
"You ride a dragon."
"How do you know!"
"Well, I studied dragons, a different kind that these because there are only a few left of this kind, but I read about these. There are only supposed to be 3, but someone also found another one, but another one..."
"What do we do?"
"Go to where the dragon riders are, Alagaesia, so you can get trained."
We apperated to a coast.
"Hold onto the shoe. It's a portkey."
We grabbed onto it, and ended up in a strange place.

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