Rider and Wizard (Draco Malfoy love story)

-Saffire Kay -Ruby Kay
10 years old Mother
Wizard and Dragon Rider (not yet though) Wizard, works in the muggle world
From Detroit, Michigan Is gifted with Dragons
Only child From Detroit, Michigan

Chapter 2

Diagon Alley

by: Kay13
"Yes, just as I remember it. Alright, we need to go get some wizard money, then we can go shopping for your school supplies."
We went to a lopsided building called 'Gringotts' and got gold, silver, and bronse coins.
Then we went to stores, getting robes, books, quills, ink, parchment, and a grey owl, which i called Albie. I don't know why, but the name fit.
As we were walking to the wand shop, I spotted a boy with his father. He was going into his first year too, judging by his height. He was going to the wand shop too.
I walked in with my mom, behind the boy.
He and his father had white/light blonde hair, and matching grey eyes. The boy spotted me, and said,
"Ladies first."
"No, you can go."
"i insist."
I looked up at my mom, who looked unusually stiff. I didn't know why, so I stepped up to the counter. the owner said,
"Why hello there, you must be Saffire. How are you Ruby? It's been quite some time."
"Indeed it has sir." said my mom.
"Well let's see, which arm is your wand arm?"
"Um, I'm right-handed."
He measured my arm, leg, waist, and a whole bunch of other random measurements. But he really wasn't measuring, the measuring tape was!
"Hmm, let's see, give this one a wave, shall we?"
I waved the wand, but nothing happened.
We tried quite a few, but nothing happened in any one of them.
"Well I'll be! You'll have to come in a bit later, oh ho! I found it! Try this one."
I waved the wand and rainbow sparks fell to the floor.
"Excellent! Let me wrap that up for you."
"Thank you, Mr. Ollivander, sir."
"No problem."
My mom and I walked out. I stole one last glance at the boy, who had a smirk on his face.
"honey, I'm going to say hello to an old friend. Meet me here in a half hour."
"Ok mom."
"Here's some money."
"Thanks mom.I'll see you soon."
I walked around for a bit, scanning the stores. Nothing interested me. Then I saw a beautiful stone. I knew it had to be mine. It was like calling to me. It's beautiful purpleness and veins attracted me.
"Um sir? How much for the rock?"
"Three gallions."
"The gold ones?"
I handed him the gallions and grabbed the rock. It was round and smooth. I stuck it in my pocket.
30 minutes were almost up, so I started walking back to the wand shop. As I walked, I saw the boy again. He was standing behind his dad, who was talking to someone. He looked up and met my gaze. I waved. It seemed like the nice thing to do. He quietly walked up to me and said,
"Hey, what's your name?"
"Draco, you?"
"Saffire, two f's"
"Yeah. Oh! I gotta go! Maybe I'll see you at Hogwarts!"
"Yea, see ya."
I ran to my mom, in front of the wand shop.
"Hi Mom!"
"Honey, who were you talking to?"
"Draco. Why?"
"His father and Bellatrix killed you father. I wouldn't go making friends with him."
"Well, time to go home."
I grabbed her arm, and I landed on the front porch.


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