Hogwarts Love x4 READ INTRO

Ok, first off... I decided to make this a story, it'll be easier for me to update, PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU READ IT & I'LL SEND YOU A MESSEGE WHEN I UPDATE!!!!

the first chapter is background info BTW!!!

Chapter 1


Name: Maddie Riles
Year: first
Hair: brown, wavy, long
Eyes: dark brown, almost black
Personality: caring, sensitive at times, funny, smart, and talkative once you get to know her
ALSO: you don't want to make fun of her or her friends (you'll see why later)

Name: Celeste Caiden
Year: first
Hair: dark brown, curly/ very wavy, long
Eyes: light brown
Personality: funny, smart, talkative, nice

Name: Grace Starkid (lucky grace, it just sounds right to me)
Year: first
Hair: dark brown, very long, straight
Eyes: Dark Brown
Personality: smart, kind, funny, likes to read

a/n:: hope you enjoy the story :)

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