U smile,no,we smile(Justin beiber love story!)

This is about a girl named Cyndl who meets Justin Beiber before he becomes famous, she falls in love with him... But does he like her back? also plz read my other stories they are REALLY good and the story: my life? Normal? What a joke!..... Will get sooooo much better.!!! Impromise and also HARRY POTTER fans I have a Ron weasley love story.

Chapter 2

The date

" sure I'll go out with you tonight" you say
After that you and A.J walk back
" dad will not aprove" he says
" I know but I really like him and you never know maybe dad will too" you say suggestively.
You get back to the room and tell your parents, you dad says he needs to meet justin. You change into a mini skirt and a blue top. You hear a knock. Your heart leaps. You open the door.
" wow, you look amazing" he says
" thanks you do to" you say
You dad comes to the door. Him and Justin have a talk in the sitting room. You and A.J have your ears pressed to the door like five year olds trying to listen.your dad and Justin walk out laughing together.A.J has his mouth dropped and his eyes wide from shock.
"you kids have fun" your dad says still laughing
" bye mr. Wright" Justin says and you two leave
" how did you get him to like you so much" you ask
" I have my ways" he says playfully. You guys eat at a nice restaurant. You and Justin learn a lot about each other. After dinner you go for a walk. The fountain at the frou t is shut off. You and Justin talk
" Justin your really amazing" you say stopping in front of the shut off fountain
" you are more amazing cyndl" he says. Suddenly you see him close his eyes and lean into you,you do the same and within seconds you have a tingling feeling throughout your body. It's amazing. You feel his lips against yours and you hear the fountain spring to life. You both open you eyes and look at the fountain. It's so beautiful. You both lean in again and another pationate kiss happens. You really like Justin. He walks you back to your room,
" I guess I'll see you tomorrow" he says
" yup" you reply. He kisses you quickly on the lips and you both smile. He starts to walk down the hall when you yell
" wait,Justin"
" ya?"
" what's your full name?" you ask
" Justin, Drew, Beiber" he says
You walk into your room, everyone is already asleep, you go to bed dreaming of your Justin, Drew, Bieber

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