U smile,no,we smile(Justin beiber love story!)

This is about a girl named Cyndl who meets Justin Beiber before he becomes famous, she falls in love with him... But does he like her back? also plz read my other stories they are REALLY good and the story: my life? Normal? What a joke!..... Will get sooooo much better.!!! Impromise and also HARRY POTTER fans I have a Ron weasley love story.

Chapter 1

Arriving at California

you step out of your car and look at your hotel. You look behind you to see you parents and older brother, A.J. Also getting out there cars. The four of you walk into the front lobby. It is huge, there is a fountain,smaller then the one outside. Your parents check in and you and A.J sit done on a couch near the stairs. a.J
starts texting, you look around and see an amazingly cute boy with blonde hair
looking at you. You lock eyes with him then smile and casually look away. your
parents lead you to your room and you say you are going swimming, you

change in the washroom.
"Cyndl hurry up, i wanna change too!" you hear A.J yell
" calm down age I'm almost done" you say as you walk out of the room wearing your favorite missed matched bikini, with an orange hawian flowered top that ties around your neck and a rainbow bottom.
" um cyn you better wrap a towel around yourself cuz dad will not let you be out in a busy hotel like that" A.J tells you
You grab a towel and tell A.J you will meet him there. You get to the pool,it's amazing, there is a waterfall flowing into the water and a giant hot tub. You put down ur towel and wrap it around your cell phone. You feel the water, it a little chilly, but your tough so you jump in. When u come up you notice the boy that
was looking at you in the lobby entered. His abs were hot. He smiles at you,
and you smile back. Suddenly your phone starts ringing. You get out of the water and the boys eyes go wide. " wow" you think. You look at the caller I.D
it's A.J
A.J- cyn what kind of pop do you want me to bring you.
You- seriously that's why you called! Ok umm iced tea
A.J- kk, luv you ( he says annoyingly)
you- ya ya love you too.
You hang up and the boy is right behind you.
"sooooo" he says " was that your boy friend"
" noooooo" you say playfully
" who was it then"
" I don't know, guess again"
" ummm do you have a brother" he asks
" hey you got it right" he laughs and so do you
" I'm Justin" he says holding out his hand
"Im Cyndl" you say shaking his hand.
" that's a really pretty name" he says,you blush.
Suddenly you feel something cold touch your back,you flinch, and turn around, it's your red- haired twin A.J.
" age that's cold" you say
" I know" he says back " soo I see you have made a friend" A.J says eyeing Justin.
"A.J were almost 17 grow up" you say
"nice to meet you," he and Justin introduce themselves
Then Aj jumps onto the pool.
" umm Cyndl"
" ya Justin"
" would you like to go out with me tonight?" he asks
You are so happy, you like him, but what would your dad say?
Thank you for reading the first chapter hope you liked it. Also plz cheek out my other stories plzzzzz . You can do this by going to my profile. Plzzz and the
Story: My life? Normal? What a joke!- will get sooo much better, especially when she gets into teen years.

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