The fun characters people made up for lovestruck.

Made by Danni_, Rachie221, CuPpYcAkEs898, Kick_It_Up_A_Notch, seatbelts_are_hard, MrsAddieRichter and me, pretty LOL.

Chapter 2

Our characters!!! And some quotes!!!

by: Teagzi
Lily Carmichael

Her normal look is long red hair, tan skin, turquoise eyes, slender, short, pretty smile, wears preppy clothes. But she sometimes changes her looks because she's a Metamorphmagus (if you don't know what that means figure it out)
Best friends with Teagz
Popular, sweet, b!!tchy to Bambi and Candi because they're b!!tches, likes everyone except Bambi and Candi, amazing at life.

Changes into a flower her 'Metermorfagus'.

Goes out with Seamus, the swexy quarterback.

Best tittles with Teagzy

Sk@nky in her own way.

Was a deer.

Teagzy Clark

Has long waist length black hair, pale white and ice cold and a vampire with perfect teeth, wears slutty black clothes, hatesBambi and those other people, is really swexy, is a goth.

Sparkles in the sun.

Is a poser emo.

Goes out wif(haha) Harry and is good at Maths.

Best tittles with Lily

Sk@nky in her own way.

Was a deer

Tara {insert random last name here}

loves writing, but unfortunately stinks, 100% emo/goth, dates Blaise Zabini or some other Slytherin, spiky black hair and black eyes, friends with no one. Is pretty much evil.

Is scary.

Might kill Candi(hopefully).

Is a emu.

Sk@nky in her own way.

Was a deer.

B'loody Mary

She used to be Hermione but then Hermione turned all goth and emo. One of Tara's best friends. Her favorite thing to say is "fangz"

Her main goal in life is to steal Draco from Bambi (because she hates her cuz she isnt emo) and turn Ron and Sedric Cullen straight.

She doesn't have a boyfriend because she wants Draco and wants to take him away from that monster Bambi.

"isB'loofy meery he used to be Hermon butt Hemine turned all gof and emo coz she foond ot her luv sedric was gay, nd she wants hm bac"

Was a deer


"Burl is dum coz she's Hogwart's first female linebacker nd a ll da xs he gt tackld mad her doom nd sh's n luv wif snap, she told me."

Long silvery blond hair. Huge eyes. (Think Luna Lovegood meets Fleur Delacour. If you don't know who those are.. No one can help you child)
Burl is a simple girl, she likes flowers and dancing in the rain. She is very quiet except on the football feild.
That's right she's Hogwart's first female linebacker.
And proud of it!
Secretly in love
with Snape

Was a deer.
Mikayala Jameson

Long Red hair, orange eyes, really short, quiet, smart nerd, hates Slytherins even though she is one.

Ooh she's on the Hogwarts baseball team (snorts)

Her best subject

And she doesn't hid her love for Neville Longbottom and... Professor Lupin.


She has black hair and yellow eyes. She is in love with the Weasley twins and she is best at....math. She is on the Hogwarts soccer team.

Fun Quotes!!!!

-(AN:4 al u idots out der porteloo is da totue curse not crucio dumdunces!)

-B'loody Mary, borl, lilly, trea nd teagzy were deer.

-I waz sleping in a verry coot \wite top. It was kind of like a spots bra butt a litle lunger cuz im not a slu**t lol. (Teagz's note:Sure your not hun, not at all....)

-hargid is just a misunderstaod yong girl

-harri sat wif his sknk wore girlf riend Tagzy

-They gt in a fite and proffseor mcgoonagull came 2 breek it up whn sedric liked almost dead."Culln detention! draco u may leave"

-Then i ninja kicked james and put the gun next 2 hi head and he said"But i love you!" and i pooled da trigger, "Die bicch" i said. And he died.

-I licked @ mi leg, the cit ad gotton worse. Draco grabbed his wand nd said"Crucio." while tappings my leg nd i felt betta instantlie

-Drakoe kissed meep

- followed them swexily

-Jams lafed an evul laf. "Ha ha ha" he lafed, lafing. "Ha ha ha. U dont understn,d, Bambi. U c... I m wrkin 4 Vldomrt!`"

-By eght I lookd fantastically emo

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