i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

hey my names Jess and i'm from Australia
i'm a massive fan of starkid so i decided to write a story bout the AJAWABLE Joey Richter hope u like it
and can u please comment about what you think cause its my first story on quibblo so i don't know if its going to be any good thankuuuu and stay totally awesome :)

Chapter 40

SPACE tour

A/N this is kind of a boring fill in chapter, but it had to be written :P so I hope you like it anyway :D

"Morning" smiled Joey as he handed me a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs
"Morning" I smiled as I took the plate of food "breakfast in bed, now what did I do to deserve that?"
"Just being you"
Joey sat down beside me with his plate
"so are you going to get your fancy t.v remote and we can watch some tv"
"already on it" he said as he turned the tv on "I got one of those fancy Hdmi cords so I could put my laptop on my tv screen"
"awesome let's see then"
He grabbed his laptop and plugged it in to his flat screen
The password screen popped up, he entered his 6 letter password and his homescreen came up. It was a picture of us when we went to the supermarket and we were running around like crazy people.
I saw Joey blushing, I could tell he was embarrassed so I held up my phone "same background" I smiled and he smiled too
"I think we need a more up to date one"
"Ditto" I smiled as clicked on his webcam.
He placed his arms around me, we were both smiling at the camera when at the last second he kissed me on my cheek.
"hey" I smiled
"I couldn't help it" he winked and I couldn't help but laugh at his dorkiness
He set the picture as his wallpaper and then turned to me "I think we should tweet it to Walker as a morning surprise, since he just loves romance" said Joey evilly and I laughed
We tweeted the picture to him with #GoodmorningWalker!
"You know the Starkid fandom will find that photo" I said
"I think the starkiddies know we are dating, that kiss uploaded to youtube kind of gave it away" he laughed
I finished my breakfast and stood up to go to the shower
"Can I come?" Joey asked cheekily
"One day Richter, if you play your cards right" I winked as I went off to the bathroom

Joey's P.O.V
"One day Richter, if you play your cards right" she smiled as she winked at me and skipped off to the bathroom
I couldn't help but smile, this girl drove me crazy, she made me feel alive and she made me happy.
My thoughts were interrupted by my phone, I reached over and grabbed it
[Hey Joey and I'm guessing Sienna ;)
Lauren and Leishy are calling a Starkid meeting and Nick, Brian and I have some news too
Meet at the Chicago theatre in an hour.

Can't even have one day alone with Sienna, I sighed as I pulled a t-shirt over my head and a pair of jeans on.

Normal p.o.v
"Hey Joey, can I borrow a t-shirt I haven't got a clean one?" I asked as I walked in with just a towel wrapped around me
"What are you talking about you look great" he said as he pulled me towards him
I giggled "Joey you're making me blush"
He pecked me on the lips and passed me a red plaid shirt.
"Thanks" I smiled as I walked back to the bathroom.
I got dressed and walked back out to join Joey on the couch.
"leishy and Lauren are calling a meeting today we have to be there in an hour and Brian, Matt and Nick have news" said Joey as he traced his fingers down the side of my face. "you're beautiful you know that?" he smiled
"look who's talking" I said returning the smile "We should get going, I wonder what Leishy and Lauren are up to?"
"Well we know what Matt, Nick and Brian are up to, they are planning a tour" laughed Joey "Those three talk way too loud"
Joey opened the door and we both walked out to his car.

"Meeting is officially open!" smiled Lauren as Joey and I walked through the door hand in hand
"Yay the lovebirds are here finally" smiled Joe as he rolled his eyes
"Shut it Walker this is mine and Leishy's meeting!" said Lauren in her 'serious' voice"
Joey and I took a seat in between Darren and Rosenthal.
"Before we start the important sector of the meeting" laughed Lauren "Brian, Nick and Matt have an announcement"
Matt stood up and walked to the centre of the room
"Hey guys, Nick, Brian and myself have spent the past few days crunching the numbers and we have concluded that we are able to go one tour!"
"Woah really!" squealed Leishy "I can't wait to see America"
"Sweet!" smiled Emma "We are going on every roller coaster we can find in each state Walker, I bet you I have a higher fear factor then you"
"Yeah, yeah you wish!"
"Oh no Walker I know" smiled Emma evilly
Matt called for the our attention again "More news will come soon but we are planning it to be in November and for it to be named the SPACE tour but we need each letter to stand for something so..... anyone?"
"Well S is obviously Starkid" said Dylan
"Precarious" yelled A.J
"Auditory?" said Nick
"How about concert for C?" asked Merideth
"Perfect and how about E?"
"Experience!" smiled Darren
"Well that sounds like only a name Starkid could come up with!" laughed Joey
"So now that's established we need Emma's tech skills along with A.J's music skills for the trailer for youtube, are you guys up for it?" asked Brian
"Totally" smiled Emma and A.J nodded in happily in agreement
Matt went and sat down and Lauren went to the front of the group with Leishy
"So guys, Leishy and I have been sneakily taking footage throughout the year of you guys and we are going to make it into an end of year video to celebrate the year..."
"So we need you guys to do some commentary on the disc, we are going to ask you questions about some of the video's we have taken and some other questions that we got the fans to send us in" smiled Leishy
"We have separated the interviews into groups of people and also just to mention everyone has to be honest no matter the question" Laughed Lauren in her evil voice
"The groups are....
Matt, Nick, Jaime, Brian and Mallory
Joe and Emma
Darren and Me
Lauren, Merideth, Denise, Julia and Stacy
A.J, Jomo, Dylan and Nicholas Strauss
Brian Rosenthal, Jim, Jeff, Nico, Tyler and Brant
and last but not least Joey and Sienna"

"oooh so there must be footage of all the loved up couples" laughed Nick
"So is there any embarassing material of you two then?" I asked Lauren and Leishy "Or did you guys edit it all out?"
"Don't worry about that" winked Lauren "We both got some seriously embarrasing footage of each other"
"So lastly if you guys have any video's you'd like to put in the video you can email them to Leishy"
I know I have some embarassing footage of Leishy, haha I can't wait for these interviews :)

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