i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

hey my names Jess and i'm from Australia
i'm a massive fan of starkid so i decided to write a story bout the AJAWABLE Joey Richter hope u like it
and can u please comment about what you think cause its my first story on quibblo so i don't know if its going to be any good thankuuuu and stay totally awesome :)

Chapter 39

I Love You <3

"I love you" Joey whispered in my ear as he handed me a soda
He sat down beside me on the couch at the Starkid mansion and I cuddled up beside him
"I love you" I whispered as I pulled his lips to mine for the thousandth time that night "You know what, I think this is has to take the top spot on my top 10 happiest moments"
"You have a list of happy moments? I wanna hear" he smiled
I blushed a deep red
"Why are you blushing?" He said as he twirled a piece of my hair between his fingers
"Because all my happy moments on the list involve moments i've spent with you"
"Oh God are you guys talking about the happy moments list or should I say the Joey moments list?" laughed Leishy as she sat down beside me "You two are adorable you know that?"
"Or seriously disturbing" laughed Joe but Emma hit him lightly on his shoulder "I'm kidding you lovebirds you.."
"Thanks Joe-Joe"
"No problemo Na-Na, now Joey you better look after Na-Na or you've got another thing coming.."
"You know I will, I love her more than anything" said Joey as he smiled at me
"Oh come on Joey you can't love her more then me" laughed Darren
"Nah sorry Mate she beats our Bromance"
"Fine, how about your food bromance?"
Darren's looks towards me with his 'Serious' face "Sienna he loves you more then food, marry him"
Everyone laughed and Brian yelled "Let's get this musical after party started!"
Brian was answered with lots of woo's and whistles and the music was turned up
"Let's dance!" yelled Joey over the music as he pulled me to the floor
Don't you want me baby was playing over the speakers
"Do you remember when we sang this together the first night we met?" asked Joey
"How could I forget, that's the night I got to meet you"
"Don't you want me baby!" he sang and I joined in

The party came to an end around midnight that night. Darren and Leishy were cuddled up in the corner, Emma and Joe were still dancing and Joey and I were cuddled up on the couch
"I love you" he whispered for the millionth time that night, but I never got sick of hearing it and he never got sick of saying it
"I love you too"
"I know I keep saying it but I just can't believe you are actually saying it back to me, you're everything I ever dreamed about Sienna and more"
"I can't believe you're saying it to me, you know when I was little I use to lie in my bed and dream of the day I would find my prince charming..."
"Did I live up to your expections" he smiled
"You are better then anything I could have imagined"
"I love you Sienna"
"I love you Joey"

Brian stumbled over towards us with Mallory "You guys staying tonight? everyone else is"
Joey looked over at me "I think we might go home" he smiled
"Suit yourselves" Brian said returning the smile
"See you guys" Said Mallory as her and Brian walked off done the hallway

"Where's home?" I smiled
"My house" he laughed "Come on lets go"
He took my hand and led me out to his car
On the way home we didn't talk much, I was sleepy, so much had gone on that day but I was not tired enough to go to sleep, Joey was here and when I have him reality is far better then my dreams.
"So how was New York? you never really told me?"
"Lonely and noisy, but I was thinking maybe when we go on the Starkid tour I could give you a private tour"
"But how would you know where to go?"
"What do you mean?"
"A.J said you didn't leave the apartment "
"I'm gonna kill him..." he whispered
"Hey don't worry hasn't anyone told you what I did while you were gone"
"No, what did you do?" He asked curiously
"Well not much, I just sat around the house, occasionally checking my phone but that's it"
"I guess we need each other huh?" he laughed

We arrived at Joey's house and walked inside "I never realised how much I missed this place" I smiled
"I've missed seeing you here"
I walked over to the lounge and collapsed on it
"Are you hungry?" Joey asked
"Not really but I'm thirsty, have you got any Orange juice?"
He handed me a glass of juice and I gulped it down
Joey looked down at his watch "Let's go to bed" he smiled "It's 1:00am"
"Goodmorning" I smiled as I walked towards Joey's bed "Coming?"
"Of course" he smiled
He lied down beside me and I placed my head on his chest.
"So do you want to tell me those top moments now?" he smiled
"How can I say no to that Ajawable smile"
"It's been ages since I've heard you say that"
"Do you really wanna hear them?" I smiled
"I really do" he whispered
"ok but don't laugh" I smiled "10 would have to be when I saw you when you got back from New York, It doesn't matter that you did not talk to me, just to see you after so long, I missed you when you went away and while we are on that topic if you leave like that again I am coming with you"
"I'd like you to come with me, it sure would be alot more fun" he smiled
"Number 9 would have to be when we broke out into a duet at that fish and chip song, 8 is when I awoke in that hospital to see you smiling at me, 7 is when you took me to that secret park you like to call 'somewhere only we know', 6 would have to be when we kissed for the first time and it was like magic"
"Yeah I'm the worlds best kisser"
"I'd have to agree there Mr Richter" I smiled
"Continue with the list" he said returing the smile
"5 is when you told me I was the most beautiful girlfriend in the world, 4 is when we sang together for the first time, 3 is when you picked me out of the whole audience at Starship, held my hand and led me towards the stage, 2 is when we kissed during rehearsals for AVPT and I felt fireworks like in the movies except they were real and I realised I love you and last but not least is when you sang that beautiful song to me tonight and told me you loved me"
"I love you princess" he whispered in my ear "My number one on my list would be when you said I love you back and I felt as if my life was perfect and it couldn't get any better but then I realised my life is always going to be great because I have you and you said those three words for me! you love me, the most perfect girl in the galaxy actually loves me"
"And the most perfect guy loves me" I smiled
"I love you Joey" I whispered before I gave into my tiredness
My life is like a fairytale, Joey's my prince and everything is heading towards a happily ever after...
Hey Guys
It's been so long since I wrote a chapter
Year 10 has been like a roller coaster so far. There is so many tests to study for and no time to write.
To the people that are still reading my story after all this time thankyou guys so much, it means the world to me
I hope you like this chapter, I know it was girly and full of I love you's but I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic like the character Sienna :)
Please comment your thoughts and rate
Love you guys
love Jess :D

"How do you think I feel with Brittany's insane ban on hair gel? It's prom. There's gonna be balloons all over the place, not to mention the taffeta and the silk blends. The sheer amount of static electricity in that room is gonna be terrifying. You've never seen my hair without gel. It's baby-hair fine. I'm gonna look like Medusa! It's not funny. I don't want to go." - Blaine Anderson, Glee

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