i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

hey my names Jess and i'm from Australia
i'm a massive fan of starkid so i decided to write a story bout the AJAWABLE Joey Richter hope u like it
and can u please comment about what you think cause its my first story on quibblo so i don't know if its going to be any good thankuuuu and stay totally awesome :)

Chapter 38

I'll never let you go <3

A/N- Hey guys this is a long chapter, just so you know :P It's a plot that's been a long time coming so I needed to do it justice, so I hope you like it :) fingers crossed
Today was the performance of A Very Potter Threequel. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my hair crimper, a comb, my costume and a bottle water and placed them in a bag.
I sat down and had some breakfast when Darren and Leishy walked out into the kitchen with their costumes
"Hey Herman" smiled Darren as he grabbed some bread and placed it in the toaster
"Hey Mr Harry Freakin' Potter and Mr I mean Miss Ginny Weasley" I laughed as I took a bite of my toast
We all had breakfast together, most of the time was spent trying to make Darren's hair look more like a fro and less like Blaine. He had tried to grow it long as he could without growing it to long so he would still look like Blaine.
Darren had to leave so he could pick up Walker, Brian, Mallory and Emma (who were both staying at the mansion)
Leishy and I both grabbed our costumes and placed them on the couch with everything we would need that day.
"Hey Leishy have you talked to Joey?"
"Nope why?"
"Because everytime i tried to talk to him yesterday someone would pull me away and suddenly need to ask me a question or need my help."
"Wierd...Did A.J or Jomo talk to you since they went away with him to New York?"
"A.J did for a little while but as soon as Joey arrived he went quite"
"What did he say?"
"I asked him where Joey was and he told me he would be here soon and he missed me alot while he was away, he even wanted to come back early"
"He then told me how he heard I never left the house while Joey was away and then he spotted Joey's headband on my arm and he whispered Lovebirds"
"Awwww Joey and you are sooooo cute"
I blushed "So you think he likes me?"
I grabbed a dish and walked over to the sink to stop Leishy from seeing my red face.
"I've been thinking, maybe fate doesn't want us to be together..."
"What are you talking about? fate wants you two to be together more then anything, think about it..... We went to see a Starkid show and the spot light just happened to land on you and then Joey came and took your hand and led you up onto the stage. We went to that club and you fell to sleep and you just happened to wake up at Joey's, You made that prank video of Darren and me but just happened to accidently upload you and Joey's first kiss, You got with Joe but when you had that surfing accident Joey just happened to run into the hospital room and stay their overnight with you until you were okay to leave, We went back to the Starkid mansion to party after you got out of hospital and you and Joey just happened to dissapear for half an hour and we later found out you went to some park but Joey won't tell us where it is, That kiss on the stage just happened to look real and not like a stage kiss and you and Joey both happened to miss each other tons when Joey was away and you were here, if that's not fate what is it???"
"I....I never looked at it that way"
"See future Mrs Richter Joey loves you"
"Let's not get that far ahead Leishy"

Leishy began singing

Leishy-"I can hear the bells, well don't you hear them chime"
Sienna-"Can't you feel my heartbeat keeping perfect time and all because he touched me, he looked at me and stared, yes he bumped me, my heart was unprepared when he"
Leishy-"Tapped me and knocked me off my feet, one little touch now my life's complete 'cause when he...nudged me, Love put me in a fix yes it, Hit me, just like a tonne of bricks"
Sienna-"yes my heart burst now I know what life's about, one little touch and love's knocked me out and..."

Leishy-"I can hear the bells,
My head is spinning.
I can hear the bells,
Something's beginning.
Everybody says that a girl who looks like me can't win his love well just wait and see 'cause..."

Sienna-"I can hear the bells,
Just hear them chiming,
I can hear the bells,
My temperature's climbing,
I can't contain my joy 'cause I've finally found the boy I've been missin'
I can hear the bells."

We collapsed on the lounge, right when the doorbell rang
"I CAN HEAR THE BELLS!!!" screamed Leishy
"Let me check what suiter my father has sent this time" I smiled as I pulled the door open
"Oh it's Miss Lauren Lopez" I said guiding her in
"What the hell have you to taken?" asked Lauren
"We can hear the bells" sang Leishy
"Well don't you hear them chime?" I joined in
"ZEFRON!" she yelled
A horn beeped from outside
"Oops, A.J's driving the van to the stage you want a lift"
"Sure" we smiled and Leishy and I grabbed our stuff and hopped in the van but their was no sight of Joey
"How's Joey getting there?" I asked Matt who I was sitting next to
"Joey is driving Denise, Jomo, Julia and Merideth"
"Ohh ok" I said disapointed
We headed towards the venue, we sang granger danger, the coolest girl and Harry on the way and even a little bit of high school musical"
When we arrived their were already people standing there holding out posters for us to sign, I couldn't believe it
"Sienna can you sign this?" yelled a girl with blonde hair, pink Starkid glasses and a gyffindor tie
I walked over to her, I couldn't believe it, this was my first Starkid play and someone is asking me for my signature and I hadn't performed yet
"Hey what's you name?" I asked
"I'm Abigail, i'm such a huge fan"
"Thankyou soo much" I smiled as I took the poster she handed me, I looked down and it was a picture of me and Joey
I signed my name and drew a star next to it
"You and Joey are so cute together" she smiled as she took back the poster
"Thanks" I smiled, I then remembered that Brian had asked us to pick a person each to get to meet Starkid on some show thing.
"Hey Abigail, how would you like to meet the whole of Starkid in person?" I smiled and Abigail squealed
I led her towards Brian
"Hey Brian, you know how we are suppose to pick one person each to get to meet Starkid"
"Well this is Abigail and she is my one person"
Brian reached into his pocket and handed Abigail a sheet, just fill this out and we will send you an email of further details"
"sure!" she smiled "Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou Sienna"
"No problemo" I smiled
She filled in the piece of paper and handed it to Brian
"Being chosen also gets you a front row seat at the performance today so we'll be sure to place a name tag on a seat for you" smiled Brian
"See you later Abigail" I smiled as I walked into the theatre
All the Starkid's were in separate areas, rehearsing lyrics and lines, I went backstage and placed my bag in my dressing room which I was sharing with Leishy, Lauren, Julia and Merideth and then headed out to the stage, Leishy, Emma and Mallory had done an amazing job with the set design, it looked amazing!!
"Hey sister, how are you going, nervous?" asked Leishy
"Yes, how about you?"
"I feel like i've swallowed a million little butterflies"
"Can you believe it, we are going to perform in a Starkid show!"
"I know, who would have thought I would be so smitten for a hobbit"
"And i'm secretly in love with the most ajawable guy ever"
"It's not so secret" laughed Joe as he walked onto the stage hand in hand with Emma
"Hello Joe Joe"
"Hey Na-Na" He smiled as he picked me up in a hug
"How is my best friend going?" asked Joe
"Super, how is my best friend going?"
"And your other bestfriend is totally awesome too" smiled Leisy
"You know your my sister from another mister" I smiled
"Sweety, could you come help me with my tie?" asked Darren as he walked onto the stage
"What are you talking about it's fine" laughed Leishy
Darren slipped the tie over Leishy's and his hand head
"Thats better" Darren smiled cheekily
"Hey Darren, you seen Joey?"
"Yeah his putting labels on chairs for the winners"
"Okay see ya lovebirds" I smiled as I skipped down to the chairs and there he was, gorgeous as always
"Sienna" he smiled
"Joey" I said returning the smile "We haven't had hardly anytime to talk lately, how was New York"
"It was okay I guess, I rather being here" he shrugged
"I've never been to New York, I've always wanted to go"
"Don't worry, I've heard Brian, Matt and Nick are planning a Starkid tour, but keep it quite, I like eaves dropping" he laughed
I zipped my lips and giggled "I've missed you"
"I've missed you too" He smiled "It' good to be back"
I stuck Abigails sticker front row center and helped with setting up the merchandise stand
Brian, Matt and Nick opened the doors and I was sent backstage with the others
I got into my outfit and practiced my lines, Lauren ran over and took my hand
"Come look" she smiled as she took my hand
We ran through backstage and onto the stage, we peeked through the curtains, the seats were full, it was unbelievable, Abigail saw me and waved frantically, I waved back and then Lauren and I ran back to the dressing rooms. Mallory was with Brian they were both grabbing more programs to hand out
"Hey Sienna, guess what me and Brian saw......It was Stacy she's with Kevin McHale in the second row!"
"You're kidding!"
"Nope turns out he was the mystery guy!"

"Five minutes till showtime" Yelled Matt
I jumped up and down on the spot
"How is my Herman monster?" smiled Joey
"You'll be amazing" he smiled as he pulled me into a hug
"Places" yelled Nick
Leishy and Darren (Harry and Ginny) walked on stage and sat on the bench
Joey and I (Ron and Hermione) stood offstage hand in hand ready to walk on and Lauren and Merideth (Draco and Luna sat together with their legs dangling over the edge of the stage
Matt gave us the cue to begin and Darren and Leishy started singing, they finished and Joey and I walked on. The show went on and everything was going amazing!
The audience were laughing and I was having the time of my life.
Act 1 came to a close and we all went backstage, Lauren highfived Leishy and I and we all grabbed a drink and some complementary redvines ;)
"Kissing scene with Mr Richter coming up soon" whispered Leishy in my ear and I blushed
We all got in our place for act two and time flew and soon it was time for Joey and I to Kiss, He said a few lines and then he pulled my lips to his, the sparks ignited but luckily this time Leishy coughed and we pulled apart, both me and Joey were blushing and the audience was laughing.
The show came to a close, I signed some autographs and the audience began to dissapear until it was just us Starkid's left
Most of the Starkid's were backstage so I went to join them, Leishy ran up to me and handed me a bunch of flowers
"Someone's got a secret admire" she winked
I read the card
This is just a little gift to congratulate you on an amazing performance, come to the stage when you get these, I have the other half of the gift
"What did it say!?!" yelled Leishy excitedly
"I've got to go to the stage, i'll talk to you later" I said confused as I walked out to the seats
I sat down in the seat I reserved for Abigail and admired my flowers.
A spotlight lit up on the stage, I looked up and their was Joey with the microphone, He smiled at me and pointed towards A.J who began playing the piano

Hey, uhuuu!
Not sure how I survived
Before I left this night
Before I came alive I was lost
I felt you pulling me, harder than gravity
Harder than anything I know

So in love with you,
There's nothing I won't do
I'll travel at the speed of light
So I can be right by your side
You make me feel like the whole world isn't real,
And I'm the only star in the sky, sky, sky

'Ey, there's no time or space
Everything just melts away when I'm lying here
In your galaxy
With you is my eternity
No place I rather be when I'm lying here
In your galaxy
Oh, oh, oh, oh. oh
In your galaxy
*With you is my eternity
No place I rather be when I'm lying here
In your galaxy
Oh, oh, oh, yeah
Like a comet to my heart
You illuminate that dark
Show me all the parts of me I've never seen
We come from different places, different constellations
When I'm with you I'm home, I'm home

You make it feel like the whole world isn't real,
And I'm the only star in the sky

'Ey, there's no time or space
Everything just melts away when I'm lying here
In your galaxy
With you is my eternity
No place I rather be when I'm lying here
In your galaxy
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
In your galaxy
With you is my eternity
No place I rather be when I'm lying here
In your galaxy

You healed every heartbreak
Took me on a journey
To a place so high
Way above the clouds
Don't matter where we go,
As long as I'm in your world
I never wanna be any place

'Ey, there's no time or space
Everything just melts away when I'm lying here
In your galaxy
With you is my eternity
No place I rather be when I'm lying here
In your galaxy
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
In your galaxy
With you is my eternity
No place I rather be when I'm lying here
In your galaxy

I felt tears welling up in my eyes, I ran up to the stage and jumped into his arms, he kissed me tenderley, I felt the sparks and this time I knew he felt them too.

"I love you so much" he whispered into my ear
"I love you too" I smiled as I pulled him into another kiss
"You don't know how long I have waited for you to say that" He smiled
"You don't know how long I have wanted to tell you"
He spun me in a circle
"It was worth the wait, because now I've got the perfect girl and i've learnt to hold her tight and never let her go" he smiled as he hugged me tight
"I'll never let you go" I whispered into his chest
Joey and Sienna are finally together (hehe that rhymed :P)
Sorry I haven't been on lately, I've had some family stuff going on and I had to be there for my family
In three days I am going on Holidays so i won't be on for about 3 weeks after, but i'm going to try and write while i'm on holidays and if I can find some internet connection I will try to upload some new chapters but I'm not sure :)
And the Starkid27 and Asha1 I hope you had a very merry christmas, an amazing new year and had a magnificent time at westfields seeing Cory. Sorry I haven't texted you back, I have no credit, it sucks royal hippogriff!!
Hope all of you had a totally awesome christmas and a suermegafoxyawesomehot new year!!
Love You guys
Love Jess xoxo
Kurt Hummel: Are you not drinking?
Finn Hudson: No, designated driver. What about you?
Kurt Hummel: I'm still trying to impress Blaine. Can't get to sloppy.
Blaine Anderson: [dances wildly in background]
Kurt Hummel: Clearly, he doesn't have the same concern.
Blaine Anderson: [walks up and hangs on Finn] Hey, hey, it's so cool that you and Kurt are brothers. Right? Brothers! Wow! You're so tall.
Kurt Hummel: You having fun Blaine?
Blaine Anderson: Yeah, it's the BEST PARTY EVER!

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