i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

hey my names Jess and i'm from Australia
i'm a massive fan of starkid so i decided to write a story bout the AJAWABLE Joey Richter hope u like it
and can u please comment about what you think cause its my first story on quibblo so i don't know if its going to be any good thankuuuu and stay totally awesome :)

Chapter 3

So fly like a D.Criss

The music started for everyone to walk out when Joe yelled "wait, wait stop the music, I haven't bowed yet" so instead of bowing Joe being Joe did a curtsy, a royal wave and demanded to be carried offstage. The audience laughed and waved and the starkid's being the totally awesome people they are waved back and waited till everyone left the theatre.
When the theatre was bare the security guard closed the doors and began to looked under the chairs
"um why's he doing that?" I asked confused
Joey who still had his arm around me turned, smiled and said "his looking for people hiding under the seats"
I giggled "Are you serious? who does that? people actually hide under the seats"
'You would be surprised how many people we have caught under them" he smiled "you have a cute laugh"
I blushed but to my surprise he was blushing too
"Oh my gosh Joey I know that face" said Lauren teasingly
"What face?" he said trying to stop smiling
"He thinks your cute" said Julia "Isn't that right Joey?" interrupted Lauren
Joey just blushed and smiled like a little child as he looked toward his feet
"Yeah sienna is doing her face that she does when she thinks someone is supermegafoxyawesomehot" announced Leishy as she tried to not laugh
I blushed and Joey smiled at me with that adorable smile of his.
"I like these two" announced Lauren and everyone nodded in agreement but I was too busy smiling at Joey to notice
But suddenly Cory the security guard yelled 'Aha!! I found one"
Than none other than Darren Criss jumped out from behind the chair with his arms out as if he was waiting for hugs and all the Starkids ran towards him even Joey who held my hand as we ran.
Well almost everyone, Joe remained on the stage demanding to be carried, Darren just laughed at Joe and said "Come here big fella never miss a chance for a joke do you?"
"Never" Joe smiled and ran towards Darren and hugged him picking Darren up off his feet
"Congratulations competition winners I believe your Sienna and you" he smiled
"You're Leishy"
"And don't you forget it" added Leishy
"Come on you two come, give me hug"
So we gave Darren a hug and everyone joined in for a totally awesome Starkid group

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