i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

hey my names Jess and i'm from Australia
i'm a massive fan of starkid so i decided to write a story bout the AJAWABLE Joey Richter hope u like it
and can u please comment about what you think cause its my first story on quibblo so i don't know if its going to be any good thankuuuu and stay totally awesome :)

Chapter 2

Oh my God i won!!!

I stood up an applauded when the show came to a close and Leishy got up and spun her red vine in the air cheering.
Suddenly Brian Holden told everyone to sit down and cause he had and exciting announcement.
"ladies and gentleman or should I say my fellow intergalactic explorers better known as Starship Rangers!!!" Suddenly Brian was interrupted with yet another applause, after all the noise died down again Brian continued talking 'As I was saying we have an exciting announcement and that announcement is"......DRUM ROLL PLEASE!"
Suddenly Lauren ran over to the drums and attempted a drum roll. The audience started laughing at Lauren on the drums and Lauren was smiling as she hit the drums quickly attempting a drum roll, but suddenly half of the drum stick flew up in the air. The audience laughed and Lauren walked back to her spot as if nothing happened.
My heart was racing as I wondered what this announcement could be I was ecstatic i was about to burst out of excitment than suddenly all of Starkids yelled "we are going to choose one person from the audience to come and meet us after the show!!!"
"And guess what? You can bring a friend" interrupted the Lang brothers
Suddenly a spotlight began to spin around the room
"now whoever this lands on wins the chance to meet us" announced Brian "I'd ask or for a drum roll but someone broke the drum stick" he said looking at Lauren and they all began to laugh
It seemed as though the spotlight was spinning around for ages, the heat from the spotlight was evident, but I was used to it from my dancing and singing competitions and concerts.
Suddenly the spotlight stopped and the cymbals clashed together. I looked up to see the spotlight directly above my head.
'Oh My God you won' yelled Leishy in a Cho Chang accent and everyone else in the audience, even though they were disappointed that they didn't win, cheered and congratulated us
I felt someone grab my arm, I turned to see Joey looking down at me with a twinkle in his eye and his adorable smile gleaming.
"Don't faint, don't faint" I whispered to myself as Joey led me towards the stage.
"So here's our winner" Joey announced "what's you name cutie?" he asked holding the microphone up to my mouth
Oh my goodness Joey Richter just called me a cutie, I'm on the stage with the Starkid's but wait didn't Joey asked me a question crap answer, answer
"hey My names Sienna" I announced excitedly
"Well Sienna who are you going to bring?" asked Lauren
Once again the microphone was under my chin "I'm going to bring my best friend Leishy"
"Well come on up Leishy what are you waiting for?" announced Joe Walker but Aleisha (Leishy's her nickname) wasn't waiting she was already sprinting towards the stage.
She snatched the mic out of Joey's hand and yelled "we won!" everyone cheered and Joey put his arm around me. As his arm touched me I felt something kind of like electricity shoot through me, as if we were magnets and we were being pulled towards each other where we belong and the weird thing is I think he felt it too :)

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