i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

i think i'm falling in love with Joey Richter

hey my names Jess and i'm from Australia
i'm a massive fan of starkid so i decided to write a story bout the AJAWABLE Joey Richter hope u like it
and can u please comment about what you think cause its my first story on quibblo so i don't know if its going to be any good thankuuuu and stay totally awesome :)

Chapter 1

Sigh...Joey Richter :)

I sat watching Starship intently, concentrating mainly on Joey though. He was so cute up on that stage as he belted out the lyrics to "I wanna be" (A Starship ranger). As I watched it was as if no one else was around it was just me, Joey and his smooth, addictive voice.
I have had the biggest crush on Joey since, well since a very potter musical, I loved his adorable jaw and his cute personality as he played Ron, even with that red wig he was still supermegafoxyawesomehot and not to mention A-JAW-ABLE (jaw+adorable=a-jaw-able). I sighed as I remembered him in AVPM
Suddenly i snapped back into reality and realised my best friend Leishy was giggling next to me.
"What are you laughing at?" I asked slightly embarrassed
"Look on the ground Sienna" she giggled and to my embarrassment I had spilt my popcorn all over the ground, my embarrassment had just gone from slightly embarrassed to extremely embarrassed and my face began to turn bright red.
"How many people saw?" I asked hiding my face, dreading the answer
"Just the security guard but otherwise no one" answered Leishy reassuringly but still it sounded as though she was teasing me, well that's Leishy for you
I turned to see the security guard giggling but then he pretended to be zipping his lips."Thank goodness' I sighed as I reached for the red vines that were stashed away in my handbag. As I pulled out the red vines Leishy blurts out
"Oh my god!!"
"What did I do something?" I asked worried "did I drop some of the red vines?" even though I knew i didn't I just had to make sure
"No, no it's just those red vines are the same colour as your face right now it's hilarious'
"Real funny Leishy" I said sarcastically, "I didn't know red vines could turn different colours like a chameleon but as they say red vines what the hell can't they do?' I added jokingly trying to lead her into another conversation topic, but I tried and failed because she then interrupted and said 'Oh and you might want to try and keep your mouth from being gaped open when watching Joey you were practically drooling"
Crap she had realised, I knew I couldn't deny it so I just said 'I'll keep that it mind' and i turned my eyes back towards the stage and continued watching the show.
"Sienna you're doing it again" whispered Leishy in my ear
Crap I closed my mouth and mimicked myself zipping it shut, but a couple of moments later I couldn't help but sit there in awe of the amazing Joseph (Joey) Michael Richter. Sigh :)

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