One Mind, One Love (X-Men: First Class)

Ignored and abused because she was a mutant,Nicolette Stone ran away from her home in England and stowed away on a boat going to the USA. When she got there she was alone and scared, but that's when she was rescued.She had long, curly, brown hair, she had heterochromia iridum, which meant that her eyes were different colours. One of her eyes was an electric blue, while the other was sea green. She also had very pale skin. Takes place just after First class, Charles is not in a wheelchair! enjoy!

Chapter 1

Last Night Home

I was sitting in my room that night, just sitting on my bed reading. I didn't know that later something would happen that would change my life. Forever. After a while I felt hungry so I went down to the kitchen to get something to eat. I walked over to the fridge, got out what I needed and started making a sandwich. Everything seemed normal, like every other day. How wrong I was. While I was making my sandwich, my mother came home from work. She's a journalist and she's quite good at what she does. My dad works at the local bank and he got home about an hour ago. My mother walked into the kitchen and screamed. I hadn't noticed anything because I had my back to everything, but when she screamed I turned around and saw everything that wasn't bolted to the floor, floating in the air. The fridge, the cutlery from the draws, everything. My father had rushed into the room when he heard my mother scream and he looked around in shock as he saw what was happening. Then he looked at me. The next thing I knew, he was coming at me, ready to attack me. I tried to run away, but I couldn't. He grabbed hold of my arm and threw me to the floor. I was cornered up against the cupboards and he started hitting me. Once. Twice. Three times. I was getting ready for the forth blow, but it never came. When I looked up to see why he had stopped I saw him standing over me with his fist inches from my face, but it was as if there was an invisible barrier holding him back. He was trying to force himself through whatever it was that was protecting me, but he couldn't. I tried to get up without letting him hit me. I got up off of the floor and ran to my room. I grabbed all my cloths, all my money and then went back to the kitchen. My father was still there, but it was as if I had an invisible shield around me because he couldn't get to me. I grabbed some food and put it in my bag. I went over to the emergency money that we kept in the living room and took the £200 that was there. Then I ran. I ran out of that house as fast as I could and didn't stop until I was a few streets away. I went into the park that was in the small village and sat in between the trees and the side. I sat there and cried myself to sleep that night. I had lost everything and it was all because I was a mutant...

That was two years ago. I am now 18 years old and living on the streets, with no money and hardly any food, but I no longer live in England. About a year ago, I stowed away on a boat that was heading for the USA and stayed there ever since. I sleep in alley ways or in the forests that I come across. I've finally had enough now though. Just because I different, just because I can do things that other people can't, just because I'm a mutant, people ignore and abuse me. So that is why I'm standing here now. On a wooden pier looking out over the ocean. I've had a terrible life and now I'm going to end it.

~~~~~~~~~Alex's POV~~~~~~~~~~

I was walking along the wall next to the pier, just thinking and taking a break. That's when I saw it. There was a girl standing on the pier and she just dropped into the water. I stood there in shock at first and then I went with my instinct and dove in after her. She was floating just beneath the surface and I swam over to her. I pulled her out of the water and put her down on the ground. Luckily she was still breathing. After I had caught my breathe I picked her up again and headed back to the school.

~~~~~~~~~~Nicolette's POV~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up in a strange room that I have never seen before. The walls were white, everything was white. I had a splitting headache and I could hear people whispering in the corner of the room. "What do we do with her?" One of the two men asked. All I could see from here was that he had blonde hair and was quite tall. "I don't know Alex" The other one answered and then I heard his voice again, but he wasn't moving his mouth. We don't even know if she is a mutant. I sat up and looked over at them. "I am a mutant." I said and both their heads snapped over to look at me. "Pardon?" Asked the second man with brown hair. "I said that I am a mutant." I repeated. He looked at me with amazement. "A telepath?" It was more of a statement than a question, but I was confused anyway. "What's a telepath?" I asked. "Ah. I take it your new to the whole mutant thing?" He asked and I nodded. He gave me a warm smile and held out his hand. "Nicolette Stone yes?" he asked. I took his hand and smiled. "Call me Nikki." I told him and he gave a small nod. "Well, I'm Charles Xavier and this is Alex Summers." He said and pointed to the blonde boy next to him. "Alex is the one that puled you out of the water." Charles explained. "Oh, well thank you then." I responded and Alex gave me a small smile in return. "No problem." he replied. "So, can I ask you a question?" I asked Charles. "I think you just did, but go on." he replied with a smile. I rolled my eyes and smiled back. "Seen as you seem to know a lot about mutants and what you were thinking earlier, I'm guessing that you are mutants as well?" I asked and they both smiled. Charles nodded so I continued. "So what can you do?" I asked and Alex was the first to answer. "They call me Havoc." he said. "Because he causes so much Havoc." Charles mumbled to me and I laughed. "I heard that." retorted Alex. "So why do they call you Havoc?" I asked, still smiling. "Can I show her?" Alex asked Charles. He smiled back and nodded so, Alex did a little demonstration. He shot what looked like lazier blades at a chair and the back fell off. "Whoa. Cool." I said with a smile and Alex looked pretty pleased with him self. I turned to Charles. "So what can you do?" I asked. He smiled. "The same as you." He replied and I looked at him confused. "You can do this?" I asked and lifted up the cabinet in the corner of the room with a flick of my wrist. Charles and Alex's eyes widened as they watched me moved the cabinet in the air. I put it down and turned back to Charles. "Okay, wasn't expecting that." He said and I laughed sightly at the looks on both of their faces. "I meant the other thing, you know the reading minds thing." He told me and I nodded with a cheeky smile. "I know what you meant." I told him and Alex laughed. "I like her." He stated, still laughing. "So, you never actually told me, where am I?" I asked. "You are in the Xavier academy for the gifted. Mutants." Charles told me. "Ah." was all I said. "Would you like to stay?" He asked me with a knowing smile. "I'd love to." I replied with a smile. After that Alex showed me to my room and I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face. Tomorrow I would start my classes with the rest of the school and also my private lessons with Charles, where he would teach me how to control my power.

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