My new strory (J.J.L.S) prt 5

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Chapter 1


Still in flashback.

I couldn't breathe!! Had Joe Jonas really flirted with me?
Chloe grabbed my arm and stared to scream "OH MY GOD" over and over.
I looked up, he was in front of us again. When he saw me he smiled and winked at me. Then I couldn't see him anymore! I couldnt see anything but darkness. No I didn't faint, I was being trampled!!
My sister was shouting at the screaming fan girls to stop. She ducked down and tried to help me up, I couldn't breathe, there was no air getting to my lungs. I could tell she was frightened. I grabbed onto her hand and tried to pull myself up, but all of a sudden she was gone and another hand had grabbed mine. I was being pulled up from the crowd. I kept my eyes closed until I felt my feet touch ground again, I felt arms around me, someone was cradling me to their chest. . I looked up and saw Joe's face, I then looked out at the crowd, I was on the stage!!! I could feel the blood fill my cheeks. Chloe was there too, she pulled me away from Joe and hugged me for dear life. Then we were being led backstage, Joe took my hand and gently pulled me along. I looked at the way our finges were intertwined, I smiled and whispered to my sister to look also, she beamed and whispered back "Lucky b!t*ch"
We were brought to their dressing room, joe asked us to stay there for a while, while they finished the concert. We had no problem with that and watched the rest of hte concert on the screen in the room.
"Can you believe this is happening" my sister asked in amazment.
I just shook my head too shocked to speak.
She continued "I mean, we are sitting in the Jonas Brothers dressing room, Look Nick's socks , i'm in heaven" She held the socks to her heart and fell onto the chair. I laughed at her enthusiasm for the socks.When the concert was finished we waited semi patientley for them to come back. After a couple of minutes the door opend and Kevin walked in.
"Hi girls"
Dia duit Kevin" My sister replied all excited.
He just stood there with a dumbfounded look on his face "...I have no idea what that means.. but it sounds funny" he chuckled.
"It means hello in Irish" I giggle.
Comprehension spreads acress his face "Oh I get it" he sits down and starts to talk to us about the concert and what happened. A couple of mintes late the door opens and Nick comes in, Kevin stands up an asks Nick "Dia duit Nick Conas ata tu" We had just taught him how to say that
Nick answers "Ta me go maith Kevin, go raibh maith agat" he smiles.
The look on kevins face was priceless, total and utter confusion. It made Nick, Chloe a I burst out laughing.
"How did you know that" He asked Nick still confused.
"I asked one of the fans at the rehersal today" he answered still laughing.
The door opened for the third time and it was him, It was Joe. He had a big smile on his face when he saw me.
I smiled back, he waked towards me.
"Hi" he breathed
"Hello" I answered in a tiny shy voice, It wasn't like me to be shy, but there was something about him.
"This is my sister Chloe" I guestured to her but he didn't take his eyes off me.
"Hi Chloe"
Chloe just waved and smile.
Nick spoke "Hey Kevin why don't you and I take Chloe to get something to eat" He took Chloe's hand, She was probabley having heart failure but I didn't notice, I just heard this high pitch squeal. They left leaving Joe and I alone.
"Would you like to go for a walk" he asked after a few minutes of just staring into eachothers eyes.
"I'd like that" he took my hand and led me out of the room.

Flashback end


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