Amore Vietato (Forbidden Love)

This is one of my stories that I had been thinking about for a V E R Y long time and have been working on it for over a month. I really hope you girls like it, but if you don't that's okay too. Enjoy

ps. Not a FanFic

Chapter 1

Didn't See That Coming!

by: MiSS_CRiS
''Beeeep! Beeeep! Beeeep!'' My alarm was blaring in my ear. I groaned and knocked it off the night stand. I was really dreading this day. Not because it was the first day of my Senior year--but I was still jet lagged. I had just gotten back from my trip to Italy two days ago.

Rolling out of bed I dragged my self to the bathroom. I really hoped that a shower would help wake me up. It didn't work all that much but it was enough to last till I got me some coffee on the way to school. After getting dress ( I grabbed my bag and headed out of my room grabbing my keys off the kitchen table on the way out.

I slid my sun glasses over my eyes as I stepped out of the house--the sun was blinding and it was barely 7:30 in the morning. I climbed into my Toyota 4runner and drove off to pick up my bestfriend--Bailey--who I've known since....well....forever considering our parents are really good friends. I pulled up in front of her house and honked my horn. I looked up and she came running down her drive way. Opening the passenger door she jumped in.

"Hey Ari!" she said as she pulled me into a hug "God I missed you this summer!"

She was one of the few people that called me Ari. It was a nickname that I got when we were kids since she could pronounce my name--Mariana (''Mah-ry-ah-na''). Then again everyone I meet has a hard time with my name at first even my teachers they all pronounce is Maryanna--yeah I don't think so.

"I missed you too!" I said "But I told you to come with me."
"I know, god I wish I could've but you know my parents." she complained

Yeah I did know them. Every summer since before I can remember Bailey's parents would send her too visit her grandparents. Don't get me wrong she loved them to d3ath but lately she's been wanting to do what she wants on school breaks. Sometimes she told me the she wished her parents were more like mine. I think a lot of people I knew wished that. I never had any bounderies with them, not like I would have crossed them if I did. But they always kind of just let me do my own thing. I never had a curfew as long as they knew where I was going and who I was with; not such a good thing since I could get around that.

"So how was it?" Bailey asked bringing me back to myself
"It was amazing!" I said
"I bet!" she sighed "You look exhausted, when did you get back?"
"Two days ago and I'm still jet lagged, I'm not even sure what time zone I'm in at the moment." I replied stiffling a yawn
"Coffe shop?" she asked
"Definitely!" I stated

We talked about all the things we did over the summer and as usual Bailey did the same thing as she's done every summer. But at least this year she got to do more things then last year. After a quick run to pick up some coffe we were off to school. I pulled into the spot I've always parked in since I got my license. I grabbed my backpack out of the back seat and we headed into the main building.

"I still don't understand why you bring a backpack to school for the first week." Baile said
"It's just so the new teachers I have think I'm actually here to learn." I joked and we both laughed.

We went to the office first to grab our scheduals since we both weren't here to pick them up during the summer. Just like every year we swapped to see if we had any classes together. We shared all the same classes except for our third hour. She had Photography and I had Art.

Walking the halls it was like nothing changed. All the football players hung in a group near the same lockers; the cheerleaders just a few lockers down--even though I was also a cheerleader I wasn't really into hanging with just ''cheerleaders'' like most of them. The band geeks (which I have nothing against) stood in clusters near the band room. The sn0bs walking out of the bathroom after primping again. The skaters, goths, l0ners--everyone doing the same old thing like last year and every year before that.

Once at our lockers we pulled out all the books we would need for the first half of the day.

"I wonder who the new History teacher is this year?" Bailey asked more to herself then to me.
"I guess we'll find out in fourth period." I shurgged closing my locker.

I got through the first half of the school day managing not to fall asleep. Walking into my fourth period History I couldn't wait till it was over so I could grab another coffe durning lunch. Bailey and I both looked at the teacher who was writing his name on the board. He looked pretty young from behind.

"Last period Shayna was going on and on about how good looking he is." Bailey whispered
"I highly doubt that's the term she used." I said finding a seat
"You're right, it's not!" she said sitting next to me

Anytime Shayna thought a guy was worth looking at she'd use terms like: scorching hott, drop dead s-xy and others a bit vulg@r. Most of the times the guys were alright looking. The warning bell for class rang and the rest of the students filed in. Since we had a 20 minute break between last period and now I still had my sun glasses on. I wasn't about to take them off just yet. I was in my own little world doodling in my note book when Bailey slipped a note under my arm.

''Do you think Shay was right this time?'' she wrote
''Don't know, haven't seen his face yet.'' I worte and passed it back

"Alright class," the teacher said "I'm Mr. De Luca!"

He talked for a little while and I more or less tuned him out.

"Ok, let's do roll call!" he stated and began going down the list alphabetically by first name.

"Mariana?" he called
"Here!" I raised my hand.
"Did I pronounce that correctly?" he asked

Amazingly he had.

"Yes, sir!" I replied
"Would you mind taking off your glasses." he said so I did "You have a very interesting name, I met someone with the same name over the Summer."
"That's nice!" I said glancing at him.

After he was finished with roll call he had us all start on an essay about what we did over the summer--l@me right? Half way through class my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I took it out and it was a text from this guy I met in Italy--Cam. Hiding my phone I opened the message.

''What are you doing right now?'' he texted
''Im in class...u?'' I replied
''Same!'' he sent back
Then I got another. ''Is there something you forgot to tell me when we met?''
''Like what?'' I asked

I thought back to when we first met at a tiny coffee shop in Italy. We spent hours talking and exchanged numbers before we parted. We met up a few more times and he texted and called a for a while but I hadn't heard from him since a few weeks before I came back home. I was surprised I had heard from him at all. My phone went off again.

''Look up!'' it said

I was confused so my first reaction was to look out side. Nothing. I glanced around the room and everyone was busy doing their work. My eyes finally fell at the front of the class and who do I see--Cam. My mouth fell open. Holy Sh-t!

"Unf-ck-ngbelievable!" I said louder then I meant too.

The whole class turned at looked at me.

"Miss Sirianni may I speak with you outside?" he asked "The rest of you back to work."

I rose from my desk in a daze and followed him out of the class.

"What are you doing here?" I asked--stupld question I know.
"Me?" he asked "You told me you were a Senior."
"I am a Senior!" I stated "Do you not know what this class is?" gesturing to the door "Honors History for ''Seniors''."
"You're a Senior in ''high school''." he pointed out "You left that part out when we met."
"It didn't matter then," I said "I didn't think I'd ever see you again after I left Italy."
"That's why you didn't elaborate on your age?" he questioned
"Can we not do this right now." I said
"Fine, but I'm going to need your phone." he said holding out his hand
"Why?" I asked
"There has to be a reason I pulled you out of class." he replied
"Whatever!" I said handing it over "But don't go looking through it." I warned

I followed him back into the room.

"You can have this back after school." he said

Ignoring him I walked back to my desk.

"Did you get in trouble?" Bailey whispered
"Sort of." I admitted--If getting caught in a half lie was trouble then, oh yeah. I added mentally.

I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the hour. All I could think about was the fact that one of the most handsomest guys I have ''ever'' met was now my teacher. Aint life a b-t-h. When the bell rang for lunch I gathered up all my things and headed towards the door.

"Mariana, could you stay a moment." he said being all formal and teacherly. God was this going to be weird.

I stopped at the door.

"See you later!" I told Bailey
"Good luck!" she whispered

The door closed behind her and I reluctantly turned to face my ''teacher''. Calling him my teacher did not roll off the tounge very well.

"Here," he said handing me my phone "If you think it's to awkward having me as your teacher you can always request a transfer."
"I don't care if you're my teacher to be completely honest. If I did, I wouldn't switch out any way since this is the only honors history class this school has for seniors." I said
"I understand," he said "But with our history...."
"History?" I said "It was Summer. We met, we talked and it was epic--end of story. Look, I gotta go...see you tomorrow."

I left the room without another word. I found Bailey in the lunch room waiting for me with two salads and two coffees.

"What happened?" she asked as I sat across from her.
"Not much, he just gave me back my phone and told me not to text in his class again." I lied
"Wow, I thought you were gonna get in more trouble." she said "Who were you texting anyways?"
"The guy I met in Italy." I replied
"What's up with you two?" she asked
"Nothing, we're just friends." I replied
"Any chance it might lead to somthing more?" she asked
"Definitley not!" I stated
"So you think Shay was right this time?" she asked
"I guess." I replied--if she only knew.

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