A Fire Nation Cinderella Story

Haru from Avatar [although he has horrible taste in facial hair] doesnt get much credit. So imma make him his very own love story!
Fire Nation
Cant bend

Chapter 1

Miss Den

It was time for the coronation ball for the new Fire Lord. I was excited, because this time everyone was invited. Even me and my family. Although, i couldnt go. I had no dress. I was sweeping the floors in the shop i was working in, when a familiar man came by. I stopped sweeping and went to see him. "Hey there, stranger. Havent seen you around lately." "Yes," He said. "Well, im so busy now. My nephew doesnt know what he is doing yet, so i have to help him." "Yeah, being royalty must be soo tough on him."
"Why dont you walk a mile in his shoes? Being in charge isnt always that easy." "Yeah, well niether is being poorest of the poor. So," I started walking to the kitchen. "The usual?" "Of course." "Great. Table six is open. You can sit there, Iroh." "Great."
I went over to the kitchen and told Cuki to get two ginger teas. Then i brought them over and sat across from Iroh. "So, how are you, Kenai?" "Good. I guess. Better than usual." "Mmm." We both took a drink of our tea. "Did you hear about the coronation ball?" I nodded. "I dont think im going to go." "Why not?" "Well, i dont even have a dress." I sighed. "And then theres...." "Kenai!" I flinched. "Yes, Miss Den?" "How many times have i told you to stop annoying the customers?" I counted on my fingers, then shrugged. "A lot?"
"Thats right!" She wagged a wooden spoon at me. "Now geet back to work." I nodded. "Yes," Then i got up, dragging myself to the kitchen. "Sorry, Iro-" "Ah, ah, ah!" Miss Den said. I grumbled. "Sorry, sir." I started trudging back again. I heard his chair scrap as he stood up. "No reason to be sorry. She was good company." I looked back and he smiled, i smiled back. "Pheh!" Miss Den spat. "Good company my butt! This girl isnt worth anything, and she will never be worth anything."
She roughly grabbed my arm and brought me to the back. "How dare you do that?!?" She shrieked. "Do what? All i did was serve him, then have a break." "You are worthless! Dont try to talk with one of the royal family!" She threw me to the ground. "Augh!" "Worthless lout. Why you were left on my doorstep was no surprise! You were worthless then, you're worthless now..... You will be worthless when. You. Die." She started beating me.
The next day, i wasnt working. I walked around in my cloak, hiding my scars and bruises. I aimlessly walked into a random store. It turns out it was a fancy clothing store. I ran my hand across the silks. "Can i help you?" I jumped. I hadnt realized a woman had walked up to me. "Ah, no. I-Im just looking. I cant afford any of this anyways." "Oh." Her smile faded. "Well, close the door on your way out." She snapped. I nodded. "Of course, miss."
I looked through them all, then i saw it. The one that was perfect. It was a deep red, with long drapping sleeves. It was long and had a v-neck design that wasnt too deep. Perfect to hide all my scars and bruises. I checked the price. Forty gold coins and ten silver. Nothing anywhere near what i could afford. I heard the ding of someone else come in and footsteps walking towards me. "That would go perfectly with your hair and eyes, Kenai." I turned to Iroh and smiled. "Thank you."
"Yes," He stroked his beard. "Too bad you dont know a wealthy old man, who, just by chance, has just enough for the dress." I frowned. "But-" "I insist." "Th-thank you." I bowed as he brought it to the counter. Then i frowned as we started walking out of the store. "But what if Miss den sees me tonight?" "Well," He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the palace. "I have just the thing." "What?" He pulled me through the halls and we stopped at a door. He opened them and it was a wonderful room.
He said for me to wait a moment and i started walking around, admiring the beauty and richness. Then he came back with a light red mask that stopped at the nose and had dark red and black feathers in the left hand corner. I gasped. "This was my Ursa's." "The Fire Ladies! I couldnt." "Of course you can. I give it to you, as i had given it to her." He handed it to me and told me to put them on. I shook my head. "I-I- Not right now. Tonight. When Miss Den leaves for the ball."
"Of course." We started leaving and ran into Fire Lord Zuko on the way. "Hello, nephew." "Oh!" I bowed. "Hello, Fire Lord." "Please, get up." I could hear him smiling. I stood tall, but didnt look at him. "Who is this uncle?" "This is Kenai. She works at the tea shop on the other side of town." "Yeas, the one you insist on going to instead of getting the cook to make you some." "Pleh!" Iroh stuck out his tongue. "He may make great food, but old Kozan needs to learn how to make tea that doesnt taste like hot leave juice." The Fire Lord groaned.
"We've been over this before, uncle! Tea is hot leave juice." "No. Not the way i make it. Anyways, i must get young Kenai back to her mother-" "Oh, she isnt my mother. Merely my keeper. She gave me a sort of place to stay, instead of the streets." "Well, isnt that sweet of her." "Er.... Yes. Well, i really must be going." I bowed to the Fire Lord. "Thank you for letting me in your palace, Fire Lord." "It was no problem. You going to the ball tonight?" "Well..... Actually i-" "Of course she is! Now, we really must get going. See you tonight, Zuko." Iroh waved to the Fire Lord and we were off.
I said my good byes to Iroh and walked back into the shop, concealing my dress and mask. I hid it in my matress right before Miss Den barged into my room. "Where were you?" "It was my day off.... I was roaming the town." I could tell she had had some cactus juice, she isnt well when she has cactus juice. She started beating me again.

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