Coming Around (A StarKid Story)

Coming Around (A StarKid Story)

Yay! Another StarKid story! I'm super excited for this one!!!

I'm changing some details around so be warned

Comments are much appreciated

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

In which I get my heart broken and learn the meaning of pulchritudinous

Hey guys! I'm having a great time on vacation in Colorado but I'm happy I've got a while to put this up because I just can't wait until I get home to do it. Thank dead wizard God for wifi! Just a fair warning really quick: I will be changing dates, locations, etc. during this story. Sorry if that bugs you but it's my story so I can if I want to (cue evil laugh). Alright, now here we go...

"You're breaking up with me?"
Brian runs his hand through his hair, the way he always does when he's upset or nervous. "Shiit Em, it's not like I want to. But don't you see? This will be better. We're going to different colleges, you're going to be crazy busy at Juilliard and I don't want to hold you back. Don't you understand?"
I choke back tears, "No. No I don't Brian and don't try to explain it to me."
He takes my hands in his. "I love you Emily. More than you know. That's why I'm doing this. And if we're meant to be then things will work out."
"You don't love me," I whisper, pulling away. "Why would you throw away three years of happiness if you did? Why would you break up with me? You might love someone Brian Holden, but it sure as hell isn't me." I turn on my heel and rush to my car.
I make it home before the tears begin to fall.
Characters (besides the StarKids, they're in this obviously)
Emily Ross
Looks: Average height and weight. Short brown hair and gray eyes.
Personality: Headstrong and stubborn. Outspoken. Tendency to overreact. A musical theatre actress and dancer.

Haley Anderson
Looks: Short, skinny. Long strawberry blonde hair and light green eyes.
Personality: Faithful. Crowd-pleaser. Loves to be accepted and have fun. A bit ditzy but a great friend. A dancer.

Jake McKinney
Looks: Stereotypical tall, dark, and handsome kind of deal
Personality: Overprotective. Quiet. Intimidating but really sensitive and funny once you become friends. Musician.

Charlene Kaye
If you're a StarKid fan you should know who she is. If you don't for some reason search her on YouTube. She's very talented!

Mika Hunt
Looks: Tall, curvy. Long, black hair. Dark brown eyes.
Personality: Serious. Manipulative. Competitive. Jealous.

Okay, enough of that for now. On to the story!

Five Years Later
"Jake! What are you doing here?!" I exclaim as my best friend walks into my small New York apartment.
He grins and hands me the bouquet of flowers. "You think I'd miss watching you perform?"
I inhale the scent of the flowers and give him a one-armed hug. "You're amazing. But you've seen me before. It's nothing special."
He rolls his eyes, "Whatever. Come on, I'll escort you to the Lincoln Center."
"Oh you are so very chivalrous." I take his hand and pull him down the stairs (elevator out of service) and onto the sidewalk. People observing us might think we're a happy couple but Jake and I have no romantic feelings towards each other at all. Unless you count the brief flings we've had throughout college but I don't.
Wait. Let's pause a minute. This makes me sound like a slut. I'll clear things up for you okay? Jake and I aren't together. We have been, on and off, before but nothing really came out of that. We're better off just as friends and the time we dated didn't amount to anything so i just don't count it. There, that sounds a little better worded that way.
Jake and I met in our Movement I class during freshman year at Juilliard. We were paired together to do a theatrical dance number for the class and have been inseparable ever since.
A breeze blows past us and I shiver. It's the beginning of spring but it still feels like winter in the Big Apple. Jake notices my discomfort. "Maybe you should have worn a coat," he muses, shrugging off his sweatshirt and handing it to me.
"Thanks," I pull his sweatshirt on over my black tank top and groan.
"What now?"
"Your sweatshirt is green and my jeans are red. I look like a Christmas tree."
Jake smirks, "Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree. How lovely are your branches...."
I roll my eyes and endure his whispered singing until the Lincoln Center comes into view. "Thank God. Bye Jake, I'll see you after the show." I give him a wave before hurrying to the dressing room.
Tonight a small group of regular performers are putting on a revue for anyone interested in seeing talent without going bankrupt. I'm performing "Old Fashioned Love Story" from The Wild Party and then my friend Haley and I have a ballet number to perform. I know what you're thinking: You're performing a song about lesbian love and then dancing a ballet? Well what can I say? We performers are versatile.
I pull a slinky black cocktail dress over my head and grab a fake cigarette for my prop. My music starts playing and I grin, this is what I live for.
I walk onto the stage, smoking. Another actress is standing to the side, holding a shot glass. I grin at her and sing:
"At the bar there's a girl in the shadow
Sitting still like a nun unknown.
Though an attic full of strangers
May hold many hidden dangers
There's a quality I like
She's alone.

So I pause
And I wink
And I shudder
Just to bring her attention in line
While her pastures may be greener
I can tell by her demeanor
She's mine!"

I dance to the girl and she falls to the ground, 'passed out'. I shrug.

"That's fine...
I need a good-natured, old-fashioned
Lesbian love story
The kind of tale my mama used to tell.
Where the girls were so sweet
And the music would swell
And in the end the queen would send the men off to hell!

Where is that mild-mannered, old-fashioned
Lesbian love story
Where people knew exactly who they were?
I want the story of yore
That they don't sing anymore
To an old-fashioned dyke like her!"

I get the appreciative laughs from the audience and I grin, wink, take a drag and continue. I look over at another actress who's sitting on a bed.

"See that girl on the bed, how she wants me.
She's a bee I could free from the hive.
I would never dare deceive her
She's a very clever beaver
With a quality I like
She's alive.

So I pause
And I twitch
In the silence
While I pray that she'll play out this hand.
But I feel my intuition
Saying 'Notice her position'
Start the band!"

A male actor runs onstage and begins kissing the girl on the bed. I look shocked.

She's clearly manned."

I make a disgusted face and the crowd laughs. I continue on, dancing and singing. When I'm finished I get a few whoops and a lot of clapping and cheers. I take one last drag on the fake cigarette before bowing and walking offstage.
Haley embraces me, "You were great! Better hurry and change we're on after this Cats ensemble."
"Thanks," I say, giving her a smile, "I'll be ready in a minute."

Our ballet performance was a success. Afterwards I got dressed in my red jeans, black tank top, and Jake's sweatshirt and step out into the chilly air. I'm greeted by Jake and another one of my friends.
"Charlene!" I squeal, hugging her tightly. "You came!"
She laughs, "Why do you sound so surprised?"
I shrug, "I thought you might be busy."
"Nope. No gig tonight girly. By the way you looked pulchritudinous up there tonight."
I raise an eyebrow, "I looked what?"
Jake rolls his eyes, "Pulchritudinous. Beautiful. It's an SAT word."
"Yes because I would remember that," I say, a bit annoyed. "Thanks Charlene."
She grins, "No problem."
I shake my head, "Pulchritudinous. Sounds like a disease or something..."
"Quit whining just because you weren't smart enough to know that," Jake tells me.
"I am smart enough. I just wasn't prepared for Charlene's whizzy brain attack," I defend myself.
Charlene laughs as she hails a taxi. "Sure."

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