My new story (J.J.L.S) prt 6

Hey!just one thing if u don't like my story plz tell me plz!
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Chapter 1

End of flashback! <3

I was brought out of my dreams by Nick bringing me coffee. The day I met them seemed so long ago, like it was another lifetime, and I was a different person back then.
"Hey how are you holding up?" He asked handing me my coffee.
"I'm ok... Just tired I guess" I stired my coffee absentmindedly.
"When's Chloe getting here?" I knew he was excited about her arrival, Chloe always made grand entrance.
I laughed as Images of what I thought would do ran through my mind. Though you could never predict what would happen when it came to her.
"She should be here soon, Dani (Dee) was picking up a the airport on her way for Kevin" I answered taking a sip of the hot coffee.

The elevator door opened and we heard her before we saw her, Chle was laughing so loud she could have broke glass. Dani and Kevin were behind her, they were laughing too just not so loud. My sister looked...well... Orange. She stopped laughing when saw Joe and Camilla and snarled, she actually snarled.
"Hello Joe" she said sounding unimpressed.
"Hello Chloe how are you" he was being polite but you could tell he was nervous, afraid she would attack.
"I'm not so good Joe, you see I'm angry that my sister is upset, an I'm angry that her husband has left the lady for the tramp. Thats right I went there!" She snapped her fingers and walked away from him. I wasn't shocked I knew she would have some confrontation with him.
She ran to me and wrapped me in a hug and spoke to Nick as if I wasn't there.
"How is she holding up? oh no she's been crying.. you know with the whole mascara waterfall thing you got going on here you kind of look like a panda bear prostitute.. no offence!"
I know I should have been angry at that, but I know she was just saying it to make me laugh. And it worked. "See all you needed was a smile" She said as she looked at me.
"What do you think of my outfit
she modeled for us, she was wearing a bright orange dress, she was really tanned, and her teeth were white, like Ross from friends when he bleaches his teeth.
"Wow Chloe.... You look Bold, beautiful and... orange" Nick was trying hard not to laugh.
Dani and Keven joined us after talking to Joe.
A long while passed, I decided to go out to the balcony and think, when I got out there memory lane started again.


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